Sunday, April 11, 2010

Sports Snippets

It has been a while since I last posted my sports snippets. Work admittedly sucks the life out of you and I have been out of whack lately. In other words, somebody needs to getcha head in the game. So let's begin.

NCAA College Basketball: And so ends the US Collegiate basketball scene. Congrats to the postseason tourney winners in Duke (NCAA), Dayton (NIT), Virginia Commonwealth (CBI) and Missouri State (CIT). Gotta show much love for Butler with how they performed all year. The NCAA title game is an instant classic. Imagine if Gordon Hayward made that shot. Just imagine. Stevens got an extension that will let him stay until the 2020-21 season (or some prestigious traditional established program i.e. Indiana / Duke / UCLA / Kentucky hires him). On the distaff side, a streak was broken. UConn's streak of blowing people out ended. Yes, finally, someone was *this* close to winning against this unstoppable force. Unfortunately, Stanford still lost, and the unbeaten run of this batch of Huskies continues. All of a sudden, that 88-game streak of UCLA under John Wooden a.k.a the Wizard of Westwood, is in jeopardy.

Tiger: Tiger Woods is currently playing his first tournament. Not bad to make your debut to be the first major of the year (The Masters). As of this writing (end of the 3rd rd), he's tied for 3rd with KJ Choi, 4 strokes from current leader Lee Westwood. Just a stroke back from Lee is good ol' Lefty. Hopefully, things do work out for him. And look, Tom Watson (yes, that Tom Watson) is in the top leaderboard.

Baseball begins and NBA regular season ends. Soccer machine Lionel Messi is on fire. Local college basketball just started the preseason and the local pro scene is alive as well.

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