Monday, March 22, 2010

Blog Outsourcing - 3/22/10

Welcome to the post-weekend aftermath of one of the better weekends of the year. It is interesting how days of upsets (Thursday and Saturday) are followed by days of chalk (Friday and Sunday). I dunno who is winning the money pool bracket, but I know what is the status of the Tournament Challenge. I am currently mired in 19th with a pt standing of 350. Tied with me is Spencer, with Boston Nozzel running the rear. At the top of the heap are Johnny & Miz. Interesting that the guy whose "streak" just ended is just 20pts back. 10 pts behind him is KWSN, with a bunch of guys at 410.

Where did I go wrong?

Midwest: 1st rd: Picked UNLV over Northern Iowa, Georgetown over Ohio, Oklahoma State over Georgia Tech.
Midwest: 2nd rd: Kansas getting ousted. Picking Maryland over Sparty.

East: 1st rd: Picking Texas over Wake Forest, Temple over Cornell, Marquette over Washington.
East: 2nd rd: New Mexico getting ousted.

South: 1st rd: Picked Louisville over Cal, Siena over Purdue, Richmond over St. Mary's.
South: 2nd rd: Texas A&M getting ousted, Villanova eliminated.

West: 1st rd: Picking Florida State over Gonzaga, UTEP over Butler.
West: 2nd rd: Picking Pitt over Xavier.

I hope your brackets are in better shape.

Before the links, this is probably the state of some guy after seeing Korie.

Here are the links you truly adore.

Tiger finally makes himself available for an interview (ESPN and Golf Channel)

Joe Mauer is a rich rich man. However, the earliest you can see this guy will be next season.

Vin Scully is fine. Good to hear. He is a dying breed.

Another record broken for the King. Meanwhile, he has sort of resolved his impending FA status.

Champs lose a key cog for their quest to repeat.

Hawks are now officially a playoff team. If things go right, they could be in the Finals.

Duck. Duck. Goal # 600.

A first will happen at the Maison Blue. Whether Rich Rodriguez will be there will be a wholly different matter.

In MLB terms what the Phoenix Coyotes would be doing is like when the Montreal Expos making the playoffs by winning the NL East during their MLB-administration years.

The reward for Tom Penders leading Houston to the NCAA Tournament: "Early Retirement".

Dear David Cole, please stop acting like a hypocrite, because if Tiger decided to join your tournament, you'd welcome him with open arms and $$$$ in your dreamy head. At least Jim Furyk was diplomatic.

Hard to believe he never ever won in Bristol. Not anymore.

There is also March Madness on the ice. The brackets have been released.

Futbol updates: Just another Messi hat-trick. The New Glazer boys keeping the seat very very hot for Rafa Benitez in Liverpool.

Still cannot believe this is the weirdest pairing since that lucky bastard named Marko Jaric. Anyway, the Klitschkos still reign supreme in the big boy division. Meanwhile, the PacMan is now back in the Motherland, to focus on his political aspirations (which officially commences on March 26).

Meanwhile, the second-oldest Pro league is back again. This time armed with imports.

Just a simple parting video, because it is the midst of summer.