Monday, March 15, 2010

Blog Outsourcing: 3/15

Welcome to the Selection Sunday aftermath edition of the TMA.

Yes, I am amidst the backdrop that is the success of the National Fist over the "Hitter." The sentiment here is that we will take the win, but it left much to be desired. People wanted more action, but it is what it is, so we just had to deal with it.

Of course, when it is Selection Sunday, all sports take a back seat to the madness that is the NCAA Tournament. Come to think of it, even work takes a back seat to the Madness. I am sure you know about the Sparty and Friends Group on ESPN's Tournament Challenge. You can also opt to check that group, if you must. Oh, I presume we will have a preview of the brackets c/o the TWTWCBB peeps. I am still waiting for our NIT bracket madness.

Very well, it is time to knock yourselves out with the links.

Something was amiss with Patphish's TMA yesterday. I presume this is the one.We all know what is next for him.

Speaking of the NIT, their bracket has been released.

A trade involving Peyton and Brady went down. Meanwhile LdT moves east to be Shonn Greene's caddy.

The Celtics got really old. And you better Fear the Deer.

This is what you can see in Trey's Magic Kingdom.

Jazz got thunderstruck.

Packers fans are truly one of a kind. They will give their own blood for them.

It may be unlikely, but that would be one absolute nightmare for Mets fans.

0.1 second makes the difference between the Big Dance and the Little Dance.

Futbol news: the end of Becks?

Some things never change, like Agassi vs Sampras.

The guide people need to know regarding the schedule of the Big Dance, especially where Gus Johnson is. (Interesting that they placed him on ALL CAPS)

Video link: the March Madness edition

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