Friday, March 5, 2010

Blog Outsourcing 3/5

Welcome to a special edition of TMA, since I switched days with Sparty for this week only.

You are probably wondering why I switched. It is because I will be unavailable to post stuff as I will be vacationing in Singapore. After the work I have had the past few days (one of my officemates is ill and I am forced to handle some of his responsibilities), I deserve a break.

Anyhow, this will be brief since all I can think of is that frigging merlion. Time to share the link love.

The uncapped year has arrived. Means that the lockout looms closer than ever. Here is what the ESPN's resident football nerd's FYI on the uncapped year.

Revis Island has a new partner. Expect a lot of balls thrown there.

End of an era in Carolina. That would be a good thing as it ends a running punchline lasting the whole season.

One door closes, another opens for this solid veteran. Another reason why they should be drafting this guy instead of this guy.

Darren Sproles is a $7-million/yr running back. Really.

Meanwhile Da Bears taking a Redskin-like approach to FA.

Speaking of the Redskins, Sam Bradford is 1/16 Cherokee. Just saying...

The Lions make the first big move of the 2010 FA season, getting another Decepticon for Megatron.

He will make his spring training debut this Monday. Is he the missing pitching piece the Reds need?

Sparty is very happy he does not have to see Doc anytime soon. In addition, CC looked good.

Finley in Celtic green? My simple say, if he was of any help, the Spurs would have still kept him around.

Simple capsule as to what happened in the Association. But this quote will annoy GITC to no end.

(although Brad Miller did a good job on Mark Gasol)

Dallas, Atlanta, Denver: you can stop trying to coax him out of Cleveland.

Another trade deadline just passed by. Who benefited the most?

Resorting to hiding newspapers is a funny way of conducting censorship. Thank goodness for the interwebs.

20 years ago, he inspired a midmajor run. Memories run deep, After Len, Hank is a major what could have been...

Get well soon, Austin. If Adam Morrison can get it done, so can you.

This is where Manny > Floyd. Floyd got no singing chops.

She dunks. She punches. She's suspended.

Futbol update: Owen out for Glazer's New Boys. Ditto for Bosingwa.

These Giants were able to get it done. How they did it? Here is how.

To end, this is a funny take on where I will be on Monday.

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