Sunday, March 14, 2010

The New Clipper Era (?)

I am a Clipper fan, a proud one (amidst all the ridicule that comes with being one). With this news out in the way, it is a sign that that the much maligned owner Donald Sterling has had enough of the frustrations the Clipper fans have had. Yes, we made the playoffs once, was close to another and remained perpetually atrocious all other times.

Neil Olshey is the temporary GM, but we will presume he is just there to handle things until the new GM comes in. Yahoo!'s Adrian Wojnarowski has already suggested current Nuggets GM Mark Warkentien (who is part of the FA Class of 2010) as a possible replacement. As a No. 2, he is just fine, especially with the deals he pulled off.

For me, what is exactly needed would be someone to first buy the Clippers away from Donald Sterling, then get a good quality young GM, then a good quality young coach. The Clippers have cap space and good decent players (Kaman, Griffin, Gordon).

It is frustrating though, seeing being blown out game after game. Maddening, indeed.

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