Monday, March 1, 2010

Blog Outsourcing 3/1

Welcome to the 1st day of March. In the islands, that means, the first day of summer, although the El Nino phenomenon / Al Gore says it came a little bit earlier than the usual. Meanwhile, across the huge pond, the Winter Olympics just ended.

But when March comes, basketball is king.

Speaking of which, there was an interesting news item buried amidst all the otherworldly stuff going on. I found it interesting because not only does it involve a "sister school" (Xavier is a Jesuit University, like my alma mater), but also the fact that encouraging true fandom and not bandwagoneering. Back home, during the dark ages, tickets can be had and demand is close to nil. Nowadays, it is a hot ticket and people use it to be seen. Even more with a successful title defense. I can relate to Coach Mack when he wants to hear the crowd cheer instead of just sitting around and watching the game. I hope you guys are all out when you cheer, during the good times and the bad.

Btw, Xavier did win against Richmond.

Special note: I will be unavailable to post this Monday's TMA (March 8th) as I will be bonding with my family alongside this iconic figure.

Time to link love:

If there is one sport Canada would love to have a single gold, this would be it. If you want to relive that monent, go here.

Sid the Kid
. From Icon to Legend. Johnny approves.

, he gets credit for his play. After all, he backed up Brodeur.

The First Sportsman to pay up, eh?

Consolation prize for Ryan Miller.

Another reason why NBC (and its subsidiaries) = FAIL.

The NHL may be anxious to answer for Sochi, the coaches made their position clear.

This guy is the top-scoring player in Olympic hockey history.

What is life after Stephen Curry, Davidson?

How much Canada loves their hockey = How much my countrymen love our basketball.

Right now, the second-oldest pro league is in the finals. One team right now has a 3-0 lead on the best-of-seven finals, and this local sports blogging genius explains why.

These Patriots sealed the deal and pulled it off.

Watched this team take the #1 spot on the polls on the telly. They really earned it, even with Sparty beating KWSN.

I wonder who will Jerry and his blank check go after.

Al Jefferson suspended. Anything that ensures good things for the Minny 1st rounder that will be going to the Clippers is a good thing on my watch.

Temple is King of Philly.

2 straight for the current Sprint Cup champ. Of course, this news is merely to say Miz is a redneck.

Futbol update: Glazer's New Boys win the Carling Cup.

Guess who's coming back to Kimmel?

Video special (Today is the Shock Value II edition):
This one I wonder is what the state of Olympic hockey.

This one has the connection to the theme.

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