Monday, August 16, 2010

Blog Outsourcing - 8/16

Welcome to today's edition for Sparty and Friends.

I hope we all have a great week ahead. Yesterday was the Feast of the Assumption as well as my younger brother's birthday. I thought to myself that I would have a great day today.

Unfortunately, that may not be the case.

It was around 230 in the morning when I suddenly woke up due to the power going out. I thought to myself that it might be due to maintenance from the Electricity Provider. I tried to go back to sleep, but obviously, it is not easy to rest when there is no fan to keep you cool.

A few hours later, I woke up and there was still no power. I had my breakfast and word got out that there was another reason why we had a power outage. So I decided to go out of the house and see for myself what exactly happened. I brought out my camera and took pictures of the scene.

Not yet done. Here is another one.

So some truck somehow dragged 7 posts down early this morning. Not a good way to start the work week. So I had to go to the office 7-8 hours early to fix the post for today.

End rant. Now onto the links, because that is what we all love to see. Plus, we all need some positivity around here.

Hellboy gets the Rays closer to the Yankees, whose lead is trimmed to now a single game.

Rangers also take advantage, by bringing the heat on the Red Sox. But given the control they have on the AL West, they can afford to be cautious with any injury concerns, like Rich Harden and Nelson Cruz.

Giants add a bat, but the Padre bats take advantage of the Freak.

And another no-hitter nipped in the bud, but not of his own doing.

Strasburg giving Harper advice on something that he went through the wringer for.

Reds back on top again with a little assistance from the Cubbies.

This is not the year of the Tiger(s). We all know about Le Tigre, Now, there is implosion in the Motor City even BEFORE T-Mac is in town.

Speaking of Le Tigre, controversy in the Whistling Straits. Check this email discourse.

I think Corey Pavin has made his decision on this already. He's keeping the world and especially Jim Gray in the dark. Celebrity Death Match in the making.

Week 1 is in Jax. Odds for Friar Tim to start look good now that Brady Quinn is who he really is. Maybe he should go the Glenn Coffee route.

Looks like the end is finally near for the final piece of the Greatest Show on Turf.

We're all rooting for you, Stafon Johnson. Tweet him your get-well-soon wishes @stafon13. While we're at it, get well soon to Jerry Jones.

Things are already getting ugly in upstate New York.

Madden '11 was just released. The Madden curse finally caught up with Larry Fitzgerald. As for this year, well...

Just when you thought Larry Bird made the right choice in taking a risk, this happens.

The first bad press in Miami that did not involve LeBron. Probably involved Ricky Williams.

Post-script from the 2010 Basketball Hall of Fame induction.

Melo's indecision simply means he will be out next year.

Team USA down to 13. World Basketball Championships in 2 weeks. Worth noting that there are missing elements up and down the roster. Watch out for the preview when it comes.

What's new on the Kovalchuk to the Devils front...

If you want to know the early season college basketball tourneys...

Possible Greek poaching of the Buckeyes.

If you win races, sponsors will come.

The English Premier League is now in full swing. Chelsea with an awesome start, Liverpool stumbling and Manchester United raring to go again. More details can be found here.

Could the tie be yesterday's news?

Kurt Warner screwed Trent Green again.

You still remember The Boz?

Cycledan is a MAMIL.

Because some people have too much time on their hands.

At least, it was only beer.

Care to get inked like they do?

Erik Spoelstra's back in the Motherland, but did not really speak much about the King and Chris joining his crew. Instead, he focused on teaching the locals how they do it in South Beach, and revisiting his roots.

(On a side note, one of those collegiate players who participated in the drills played an integral role 24 hours later in beating the top team in our conference, knocking them off the unbeaten ranks. If he owes it to Coach Spo, we owe it to him as well.)

Because the Phanatic has nothing on this guy:

And I miss watching this show:


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