Friday, August 13, 2010

TWTWTNBA: Roster-Fillers

Well, another week has passed: here are some more FA transactions...

Carlos Arroyo stays with the Miami Heat: Because they merely need another stopgap cheap guard at this point. With Wade and Lebron having point guard capability, all they need from their guards are their shooting and their defense.

Eddie House to the Miami Heat: Great. Another shooter who will feast on open opportunities with Wade, Bosh and James getting the focus and attention. The Heat have somehow developed the lineup of shooters that will always have the license when open as well as bigs who just need to defend, score garbage points and block shots.

Jason Williams stays with the Orlando Magic: He decided to take demotion as a third-string point guard instead of the possible minutes in South Beach. He must enjoy his home, then.

Matt Barnes to the Los Angeles Lakers: Because you can never really have enough defensive players around for the good of the team. We all remember the antics Barnes had against Kobe last year, but having him guard your opponent would surely take the pressure off Kobe, off Lamar and off Ron.

Raja Bell to the Utah Jazz: After the dalliance with the Lakers, Raja Bell is merely staying true as a nemesis to Kobe Bryant by signing with Jerry Sloan and leaving Kobe on a lurch. He replaces Wesley Matthews in the rotation.

Shannon Brown stays with the Los Angeles Lakers: With this signing, the roster of the defending champs is pretty much set in stone. He will not get as many minutes as before, given the new Laker acquisitions,

Von Wafer to the Boston Celtics: He would be immediately be plugged in to where Tony Allen used to be. All I remember about him was that he can go off when he gets the minutes. Remains to be seen if he can defend the way Tony did against Kobe (which was one of the most underrated things that happened in the Finals)

Quentin Richardson to the Orlando Magic: He is not Matt Barnes, but he can surely try on the defensive end. However, he fits the shooter's profile that Stan Van Gundy likes, so it is a probable upgrade. In addition, at the time, it was insurance in case JJ Redick exits.

Tracy McGrady to the Detroit Pistons: A broken-down T-Mac in need of fine-tuning. Will the Motor City refurbish him?

Linas Kleiza to the Toronto Raptors: Will be asked to step in to the minutes that Hedo used to log in with the Raptors. He sort of fits the international profile the team currently has.

Dorell Wright to the Golden State Warriors: Because the Warriors need to have a small forward on the team, and with how their salary looks right now, he's probably their top FA option at that point.

Rasual Butler stays with the Los Angeles Clippers: As a Clipper fan, was pleased with the deal as he was their best shooter and stepped up when the situation needed (i.e. Baron and or Eric was not playing well)

Brian Cook to the Los Angeles Clippers: A big man who can shoot from the outside. He's just a filler at this point, considering Kaman and Jordan will hog the minutes at pivot.

Ryan Gomes to the Los Angeles Clippers: He puts less pressure on Blake Griffin to immediately contribute.

Richard Jefferson stays with the San Antonio Spurs: After the bizarre opt-out he exercised, he wisely re-signed with the Spurs. Hopefully, he would be able to bounce back after near career lows last season. He will still remain as the fourth option in the Spurs offense.

Tyrus Thomas stays with the Charlotte Bobcats: will be the effective third wheel after Stephen Jackson and Gerald Wallace. He sort of fits what the Bobcats want from their frontcourt.

Matt Bonner stays with the San Antonio Spurs: Before there was a Brian Scalabrine, there was a Matt Bonner. Pop likes what he can do, so he is sticking around.

Al Harrington to the Denver Nuggets: Because they needed a big man with some oomph offensively. Now with Chris Andersen needing surgery, they need depth at the position.

Luis Scola stays with the Houston Rockets: He's the lunch-bucket style hardworking player the Rockets personify after Carl Landry got traded. Very smart and heady, too.

Kurt Thomas to the Chicago Bulls: He'll be the chief back-up to Joakim Noah. Nice physical low post defender that Thibs would use against the likes of Dwight and the O'Neals.

Josh Powell to the Atlanta Hawks: He's serviceable as a big man, considering he was the third big option. Unfortunately for the Hawks, that could have been Shaq.

Shelden Williams to the Denver Nuggets: Basically will be doing what Johan Petro did in his stay in Denver. Then again, Candace Parker would be a better fit for them.

Theo Ratliff to the Los Angeles Lakers: Will simply replace Josh Powell in the big man rotation. You may say he is Andrew Bynum insurance, but at least, he isn't called the expiring contract anymore.

Shaquille O'Neal to the Boston Celtics: If signing Jermaine O'Neal was not enough for Perkins insurance, this does. Now Doc has a lot of tools to work with in the front court. He may be able to keep KG fresh. Shaq might be able to help develop Kendrick Perkins' game. You can bet with all the veterans out there, they can keep each other's egos in check.

Rasho Nesterovic to Olympiacos: Stephen A. Smith's favorite player has decided to go back to Europe, replacing Josh Childress, who's now at Phoenix. In all likelihood, he will finish his career in the continent.

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