Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Blog Outsourcing - 8/30

Welcome to the latest edition of Sparty and Friends.

Interesting tidbit about this particular month, there are 5 Sundays, Mondays and Tuesdays.

In the Motherland, today is National Heroes Day. A holiday to commemorate the Cry of Pugad Lawin more than a century ago.

Last week at the time of writing last week's post, the Motherland was gripped in a hostage crisis involving tourists from Hong Kong. Unfortunately, things did not end well and as such, we deservedly are getting flak for it. I am just annoyed with the excessive nature of the repercussions. Admittedly, our handling situation more looked like Keystone Cops instead of CSI / Criminal Minds, but still, don't blame the ordinary person for something that he or she did not do, just because of his or her nationality. It reeks of racism.

The next day, it was all about the major major way. Fetch called it when he watched.

Tough week, but time to shake it off and on to the next one.

Hereforth are what you want to click on and weep.

Dan Johnson deja vu'd the Red Sox. And they are 6 games out with 31 left.

Manny Ramirez to the South Side. Imagine if Jay Mariotti did not have any issues to worry about.

Yovani Gallardo had a really bad day.

Well-deserved. One day will be in the Hall.

Can he save the rotation for now? Or do we need to wait for him to come back?

How do you make the Yankees hip and trendy? A simple touch of Jigga.

This story will be the white elephant in the room for as long as New York is around. I still think he is not the right fit for that job, yet.

The Reds have a hidden ace in the deck.

One more to 600.

The chase continues for San Francisco and Colorado.

Replay works.

Sure, it is not the levels of manager histrionics, but not bad.

Get well soon, Bob Feller.

And so the repercussions of USC and Reggie Bush continue.

UGA wins the Fulmer Cup.

Los Angeles Vikings, anyone?

Bill Polian is a genius of a GM.

$8 million training camp invitation.

Minor setbacks for Oakland?

Details, it is all about the details. That is always good lawyer advice.

Now we know why his stock dropped back then.

Is this the anti-no huddle rule?

Favre in mid-season form. Yup.

That's just bad football. At least it can still be corrected at that age.

Can he handle the pressure of both being in New York and being Patrick Ewing?

Day 1 highlight? France beating Spain. Day 2 Highlight? Germany beating Serbia by 1 pt.

Is Jurgen Klinsmann the next step?

James Toney was definitely Lights Out.

RIP Luna Vachon.

Mr. Nicole Scherzinger wins the Belgian GP.

Pearl Harbor again? Not exactly, but close.

Finally. 2nd win for Wie!

Flushing Meadows time. Means more of this, hopefully.

13 year-old kid dies in a race. Way way way too young.

I hate this match. I know Floyd is a chicken, but this reeks of Top Rank selfishness to the nth degree. Money talks, nowadays.

Because I like how they dance...

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