Thursday, August 26, 2010

Blog Outsourcing - 8/23

Welcome to the to the latest edition of Sparty and Friends.

Right now, I am annoyed because some idiot decided to hold Chinese tourists hostage. Not only because he endangered their lives, but also the fact that the Motherland will be getting bad PR and a bad image, something we really do not need right now. The odd thing about it was that the night before, HBO here was showing The Taking of Pelham 1-2-3. Life imitates art, perhaps.

End rant. Need a positive thought.

Weird stats being normal is the in vogue thing, nowadays. This year, baseball has had lots of impressive pitching performances as of late. Perfect games, no hitters, one hitters, a pseudo-perfecto, the works.

The same thing, sort of, is going on in the English Premier League.

Chelsea has had two straight 6-0 scores. Arsenal just pulled off one feat like that. Shows you how impressive the top football franchises have been in England. Also helps they have financial capability and an ownership group willing to spend for it.

Time for the links:

Geekery in pitching.

Philadelphia is already getting returns on the Cliff Lee deal. Not what they had in mind, though.

The St. Louis Cardinals are fading for him, that must be the reason, right?

At least it was silly string and not a bucket of water.

Maybe the best news to come out of Oakland.

These homers were amazing, but did not exist in real life.

When he comes back or not, it does not really matter, for them anyway. But another team with a similar injury does.

Strasburg is done. He'll be back by spring training.

Mike Hampton is not the answer for the problem that is Arizona pitching.

Interesting factoid on Lou Pinella: He's 0-5 in all of his final games with teams.

One more year for Vin Scully. Hopefully, the Dodgers have a better product by then. Starting with Rod Barajas.

Haynesworth messed with the wrong guy. He's screwed.

Apparently, they are still bitter with the defeat in the Superdome. Meanwhile, here is a sick throw that a guy like Favre would do.

And the sad case of Jayson Williams continues.

Kevin Durant saves the day, but a lot of work to do for USA basketball.

Delonte gets suspended. No word regarding Nenad's, though. But he's sorry.

They have been dangling him for trade offers since forever.

The true AL contenders won yesterday. Yankees, Rays, Twins, Rangers.

Why the Pittsburgh Pirates like the way they are.

Typical J. Edgar Hoover stuff for them to do. Not surprised.

The AP Poll came out.

HuskerDawg must approve this means of maximizing opportunity.

I'll believe this news when I see it, Michigan.

Bristol weekend sweep by Kyle Busch.

I thought this only happens on Cougartown.

Is this like the legitimate version of the Overtrained Athlete's Syndrome a.k.a Brian Cushing excuse?

You think we would be in the all-Unathletic-looking team?

This would be the last thing Jay Mariotti could be writing or talking about for a while. Very ominous, too.

If you thought Lebron's one hour madness was too much, what about the three-hour spectacle by Jason Whitlock?

Why slow and easy is the better approach.

I know you'll try this in the future.

At least we know someone is watching the LPGA Tour.

Is Roger Federer ready to put some space between him and Tiger?

Oh, and here are the 6-0 romps:

Here's some positive vibe to start the week.

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