Monday, August 9, 2010

Blog Outsourcing 8/9

Hello! Welcome to the latest edition of Sparty and Friends!

Today is August 9, 2010. In numeric terms, it is 8/9/10. That of course, is numerically cute.

First, I have been advised to fix my posting schedule. After all, there is supposed to be a proper time to be posting TMAs and obviously, I have been slacking off a little bit. As such, with the usual prodding, I will do my best to approximate said deadline. (EDIT note: Looks like I am slightly late again. A glitch happened on my laptop.)

Second, since I am on the "Floyd Mayweather is a chicken" bandwagon, I just want to inform people that the PacMan has decided to call out Floyd. It is not the norm for Manny to call out people. He lets his fists do the talking on his behalf, while the power brokers (like Top Rank's Bob Arum) do the negotiating for the nitty gritty. Since the self-styled pound-for-pound icon has decided to prioritize frivolous things instead of choosing his next probable opponent, Top Rank decided to set up a farce of a match on November against the guy named Marga-cheato. Goes to show how selfish some people are instead of focusing on what the sport exactly needs. Meanwhile, to keep himself busy, the Congressman is currently doing political work.

So there. End rant.

Hereforth are the links:

The Tampa Bay (Devil) Rays had a bad weekend. First, they got Arencibia'd. Then, they got Morrow'd. Rays with a losing streak just after they retook 1st place from those damn Yankees. Speaking of J.P., he surely treasured that day.

Boston could not really take advantage and gain ground as they faced off against the Evil Empire. They missed a chance when A-Ro(i)d missed a game. They missed another chance when AJ Burnett was suddenly scratched. Good job by the Yankee pitching staff, especially to Dustin Moseley. One more game to play for both squads before the final series (second-to-the-last-weekend of the regular season) between the two rivals.

One Yankee legend passes another, while another milestone set by A-Ro(i)d. Speaking of Alex, here are some tidbits regarding the 600 long balls.

The Buck stops here. Orioles now 5-1 under the new manager.

Enough with the AL (B)East, the AL Central features a chase by the plucky Twins, who won wearing the Jedi-like Negro League uniforms as well as the Pavano pornstache. In addition, Thome could still be chasing 600, as he has 578 now.

On the AL West, things are getting worse in Griffey-land, where bathrooms are hazardous.

How the Greenberg-Ryan Express was able to survive the Mark Cuban aggression.

Surprise stat: Why are the Oakland Athletics so good during day games?

Torii Hunter has a dark side beneath the good-guy image.

Get well soon, Chris Coghlan.

Domo Arigato, Mr. Joey Votto!

Here are your 50 greatest Cubs!

For Pittsburgh fans, they cannot wait until football season already.

It's not about who finished first, it is about who finished 79th. I think Corey Pavin would be served best if he did not select Tiger with his captain's picks. Tiger needs to fix his mess before he can really be back to form.

Finally, a fake football game.

And on the tenth day, Albert Haynesworth finally passed his test. And you know it has become ridiculous when minor league teams use it as a promotion. And the moral of the story is...

He still wants to be a Cowboy, baby!

Apparently, the success of Houston next season is on Brian Cushing.

It's never too late to apologize. Unfortunately, that does not come with a Lombardi trophy.

Where does Friar Tim rank among the bad hair days?

Here are some nice excerpts from the HoF Enshrinement Ceremony. But we are waiting for Primetime's turn next year. Which makes me wonder if the bust's design will include the trademark bandanna.

Keith Olbermann has been DQ'd from the pregame show.

Do you really really want T-Mac?

The First Baller can hold down the fort, y'all. And he's bringing in the Who Dat later.

Interesting read about a what could have been alternate reality where Pau Gasol is deftly handling the scalpel instead of a basketball.

The Community Shield means that the Premier League is close.

Because this is a tribute to Littlefoot and Cerah after this news shocked all dinosaur fans.

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