Monday, December 13, 2010

Blog Outsourcing - 12/13 edition

Hi and Hello to the latest edition of The Victory Formation!

It's only 12 more days until it is Christmas and some can already feel it in the air, with Christmas parties, decors galore and the tunes that become Last Song Syndromes.

Meanwhile, the economy's hard times have spread everywhere. It seems unthinkable, but maybe it is time for the four major pro sports to think about advertising as a proverbial option for revenue. Look at futbol / soccer. They have been doing this for a long time and it brings in big revenue. Even a team like FC Barcelona (who hasn't received payment for jersey sponsorship ever until the start of next season) eventually had to capitulate and accept the harsh reality. (Considering that UEFA just tightened qualification rules for Euro football.)

At the same, I find it interesting that the Qatar Foundation (who will be joining UNICEF on the FC Barca shirt) just swooped in with a deal. After all, the Qataris have money to burn and a sneaky and smart plan that could be very beneficial. This might be something to work on for Qatar since they have 12 years to define a generation of football players.

As such, teams that are in such dire need of cash, like the NBA-owned Hornets, might want to look into this. The WNBA already has companies like Microsoft, Farmers Insurance and Foxwoods for shirt deals.

Speaking of football, the Motherland's National Team just had their send off party earlier today. They have made the semifinals and they will face Indonesia in a supposed to be a "home-and-home," but apparently we do not have the facilities to support a FIFA event. For more details, read this recapper of the state of Philippine football.

Lastly, this week, look who is making its return

Hereforth are the links to kick off the day:

5 downs. And they still could not pull it off.

Brodie Croyle is 0-10 now when he starts. Conversely, Tom Brady is 10-0 in the snow.

Aaron Rodgers just caused a lot of people to lose in the fantasy playoffs.

Wonder if he will eventually sell that on eBay.

If you have a problem with this one, just do what George Teague did.

Running Joke I have seen: James Harrison getting fined for this trip.

Niners still 1 game back from the NFC West title.

Once more, the roof collapse. Nice to know though that Domes stick together. Ford Field, here we Favre.

So, more people watched this hockey game than what is normally played here?

They got a left fielder, they might as well get a left back.

U-G-L-Y unis.

This is why I love how the Rose Bowl kept its name intact.

From Jon Gruden to Al Golden.

Keys in securing a college HC gig.

Vandy gets their man.

Randall Cobb gets more exposure time now.

This only happens in Alabama.

Finally. Now we know, Melo. Lala is running this couple. Odd timing, considering the Knicks are on a searing run.

Think the First Baller is giddy for this particular event.

Blake Griffin is awesome!

I am a fan of this artist, and that is how we end this roll...

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