Monday, December 20, 2010

Blog Outsourcing - 12/20 edition

Welcome to Today's edition of The Victory Formation.

Christmas is just a few days away. It's this Saturday already and we can already feel the moment is just upon us. The midnight masses have already commenced. The traffic has been horrendous with all the sales that have popped up. After all, it was payday weekend and the bonuses have already arrived onto the payroll.

Over the weekend, I decided to give back and do a charitable venture. It is important that we remember the true meaning and spirit of the holiday season. It's not just about the ancillary parts. The truth about the holiday is that someone was born that was of importance and value. That individual would also remind us of a particular passage entitled Matthew 25:40.

Besides we don't want to look like this person below at this time of the year, right?
Angry Miz Girl

Hereforth are the links to kick off Christmas Week:

The Motherland may have failed in the quest, but it surely planted the seeds that would come into fruition eventually.

88 straight. Amazing.

Bowl season has commenced. BYU pounced on UTEP. Northern Illinois showed no mercy to Fresno State. Trojans just took it to Ohio.

The mess in Maryland continues. People are not pleased.

The State of New York drew 1-1 against the State of Pennsylvania. Both games provided drama. However for the State of NY, one was an epic fail. The other was a near epic fail.

Dan Connelly just pulled one of the great KO returns ever. It was icing on the cake.

The Broncos had a Tebowner. Here's proof.

The Michael Vick PR reclamation project continues.

Fins on ice.

The final link to the Babe has moved on.

Remember the puck that kills?

Why spend and waste exorbitant time and money? As someone who saw this kind of debacle earlier this year, The Big Ten should just do it already.

Blame it on the red field.

The NL Cy Young race just got a lot more interesting.

Twins hope he is not the next Kaz Matsui.

Yankees have moved on to their Plan B. Meanwhile, the Red Sox is in lockstep.

No Izzo, no problem.

More Miz vs Cycledan action.

Rick Pitino has tabled his plans for the summer.

Calipari gets a UN nod as a good guy. Who knew?

Knightro is 10-0. So is Jared Sullinger.

Looks like the PacMan protege plans something for Floyd in 2012. Still have no idea what the Pac has in store in the ring for 2011. Meanwhile, Floyd still remains a troubled soul.

Probably took cue from Hedo.

Speaking of Hedo, here's a little more detail on the trades involving the Magic Kingdom.

What now without Yao?

What a neat ploy by Modell's.

Tough sledding for the Bulls without Noah.

Pistons been getting some attention lately.

Lakers and Celtics just keep rolling along.

When you riot, make sure you know the correct nationality.

And to part ways today, I give you a classic tune that I feel is still apt now as it was decades ago.

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