Tuesday, December 21, 2010

My 2011 ProBowl Roster - NFC

Just like last year, I decided to cast a ballot on the Pro Bowl. Here are my own findings.
Quarterbacks (Pick 3)

Michael Vick (Philadelphia) - Headed for a massive payday.

Aaron Rodgers (Green Bay) - The cornerstone in the frozen tundra.

Drew Brees (New Orleans) - Overcame the Madden Curse.

Runningbacks (Pick 3)

Ahmad Bradshaw (New York) - In spite of his fumbling woes, still chugging

LeSean McCoy (Philadelphia) - showed marked improvement as the main back of the post-Westbrook era.

Michael Turner (Atlanta) - The Burner still blasting opponents

Wide Receivers (Pick 4)

DeSean Jackson (Philadelphia) - He's really fast.

Greg Jennings (Green Bay) - Rodgers' best buddy

Calvin Johnson (Detroit) - Megatron!

Roddy White (Atlanta) - Rowdy Roddy.

Fullbacks (Pick 1)

Ovie Mughelli (Atlanta) - Ensures the Burner gets free space.

Tight Ends (Pick 2)

Vernon Davis (San Francisco) - Best weapon for the Niners.

Jason Witten (Dallas) - Back in good graces with the receiver injuries.

Offensive Tackle (Pick 3)

Tyson Clabo (Atlanta) - doing the road grading for Turner

Kareem McKenzie (New York) - someone's keeping thing clear for the Giant running game

Donald Penn (Tampa Bay) - pretty much underrated

Offensive Guards (Pick 3)

Harvey Dahl (Atlanta) - paving the way for the Burner.

Jahri Evans (New Orleans) - still keeping Drew Brees insulated from the Madden Curse

Josh Sitton (Green Bay) - pretty much underrated

Centers (Pick 2)

Andre Gurode (Dallas) - keeping things afloat for Romo / Kitna

Ryan Kalil (Carolina) - bright spot in an ugly year for the Panthers.

Defensive Ends (Pick 3)

John Abraham (Atlanta) - pass-rusher de luxe

Trent Cole (Philadelphia) - He's good.

Julius Peppers (Chicago) - rejuvenated / motivated in Chi-town

Defensive Tackles (Pick 3)

Jonathan Babineaux (Atlanta) - Didn't he just score yesterday?

Aubrayo Franklin (San Francisco) - San Fran's front 7 is really good.

Ndamukong Suh (Detroit) - He's getting a James Harrison-like rep already.

Outside Linebackers (Pick 3)

Lance Briggs (Chicago) - Monsters of the Midway

Clay Matthews (Green Bay) - Defensive MVP this season, especially during the early part.

DeMarcus Ware (Dallas) - Definitely not the reason why Dallas sucked.

Inside Linebackers (Pick 2)

Brian Urlacher (Chicago) - He's nasty as hell.

Patrick Willis (San Francisco) - Tackling machine.

Cornerbacks (Pick 3)

Asante Samuel (Philadelphia) - He gambles, but it pays off most of the time.

Tramon Williams (Green Bay) - He makes Charles Woodson look even better

Charles Woodson (Green Bay) - He makes Tramon Williams look good.

Strong Safety (Pick 1)

Lawyer Milloy (Seattle) - Why not?

Free Safety (Pick 1)

Malcolm Jenkins (New Orleans) - Being taught well by Darren Sharper

Kickers (Pick 1)

David Akers (Philadelphia) - Of course, having weapons of offense boost his numbers.

Punters (Pick 1)

Brad Maynard (Chicago) - Still one of the best

Kick Returner (Pick 1)

Leon Washington (Seattle) - Worth trading for him. Imagine if the Jets had him AND Danny Woodhead at this point.

Special Teamers (Pick 1)

Courtney Roby (New Orleans) - Just thought out of random

Feel free to debate the choices.

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