Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Blog Outsourcing - 12/6 edition

Welcome to today's edition of the Victory Formation.

This is the first Monday of December and I can smell the sweetness of the Holiday season. With the Holiday season comes the shopping experience. Once the days come closer and closer to Christmas, the madness draws more and more.

My mom really needed a technological upgrade, since she has been missing out on being a part of the pictures. So I took her to a nearby sale to help her in purchasing a brand new point and shoot camera. Afterward, I managed to help her with a brand new laptop for work usage, although it looks like my younger sister will be taking advantage of it more. Nothing like taking advantage of a little family time together.

On a personal footnote: My alma mater seals their case as the best collegiate team in the Motherland. Nonito Donaire stakes his claim as a top P4P fighter. And yes, we pulled off a miracle.

Hereforth are the linkage.

Remember Alyssa Milano's commercial with the NFL that also included the Snyders? Well, someone did the D-I-Y route.

The Sacramento Kings should be the proponent of this, really. Or maybe the New Jersey Nets.

So, the Detroit Red Wings just do it, time and time again...

Just don't be like Antoine Walker at this point, eh?

Yup, it's winter time, so perfectly fine for snowball fights.

Just happy that someone like her has our heritage. (Could possibly be NSFW, you have been forewarned)

Just when you think they are already protecting the QB, some say they are still not protecting enough.

Ok, this happened in Miz's turf. Will the resident lawyer comment?

The Nationals. Who knew? That definitely came out of left field.

Derek Jeter must be an Al Pacino fan.

A-Gon is gone in San Diego. Adrian Beltre to be Mike Lowell'd? No means no, Oakland.

Is George a HOFer? We will know later.

Lance Berkman will not be playing 1st base in St Louis, right?

Sooner or later, the Reds glut of starting pitchers will be addressed. One has left for Petco.

Aroldis likes sealing the deal more.

We are a feisty 4-17 team. The running joke after this transpired has been why we haven't been bought up yet.

Fitting for Jimmy V Week. George Karl now at 999.


Magic > Pistons > Stomach Virus.

NBA on TNT > NFL Network

Bad breaks cost the Lions another win.

Tarvaris Jackson secured the win.

Never piss off the Sports Guy.

Cowboys win, but lose Dez Bryant. Fair shake?

Just as you think Texas fans are out of the woebegone...

Lame pun alert... Minnesota goes for the Kill. More lame pun alert... You got Serb'd.

Meanwhile, they got their men in Boulder.

Book is closed. For now.

The hottest name in coaching.

Gus Johnson once again trended Twitter for this and this. Too bad the Jags ran roughshod over the toothless Titans. AFC West, you have been forewarned. He'll be at Chiefs - Chargers & Broncos - Raiders in the next two weeks.

Please return the head. Ktnxbai. More action in the Civil War.

Bad blood spilling in LA.

Here's a parting picture of the Azkals (monicker of the Philippine Football team, local parlance means mongrel)

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