Saturday, June 30, 2012

Bernard James, Draft Day Winner


The second round of the NBA Draft is pretty much all about what you unearth, what you find. Whether positive (case in point, Isaiah Thomas for Sacramento was last year's Mr. Irrelevant, now he's pretty much set himself as the point guard of a backcourt that has lottery selection in Tyreke Evans and of course, Jimmer) or negative (that Qatari player named Tanguy Ngombo, the guy David Kahn tried to pull a fast one over us all in that same draft).
The Cleveland Cavaliers had a surplus of picks and with its roster and considering the relative youth of that team, did not really have the need for the second round selections, especially considering the international crop is what we can say is crapshoot. So, they arranged a deal with the Dallas Mavericks, who was looking to trade down from the 17th overall selection, in order for them to make its cap room flexible enough for what we all are calling Plan D, D for Deron Williams. The deal was made more palatable since a big man named Tyler Zeller was still available, and so, the Cavs packaged the 24th, 33rd and 34th selections to the Mavs for the 17th selection. At 24, Dallas took James Cunningham, an Oregon State swingman who might be of help to them as a versatile role player. Moving down seven spots means less money allocated on their cap room for the pick and second-round selections are relatively cheap.
This is what happened when they were to pick again at 33rd overall. 
Bernard James, you are a true winner in this draft. Considering your skill set and the players currently ahead of you in the depth chart for Rick Carlisle to peruse, you might just see some action in the upcoming season.
The Florida State Seminole may be thankful that he was selected in the NBA Draft, unlike some of the more prominent names that went undrafted, but more importantly, the American people are thankful for your service to the country.
And that, maybe the best thing about that.

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