Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Designing the Get-Up, Rajo Laurel style

It has been said that in order to play good, sometimes, it helps to look good, too.

The Philippines will be sending 30 delegates to the 2012 Olympic Games in London, composed of athletes, coaches and officials. It may be a small team, but a fighting one at that. After all, they carry the hopes and dreams of a nation seeking the success of nabbing its first-ever Olympic gold medal.

One of the events that people look forward to are the Opening Ceremonies, where everyone gets to see everyone go around the Olympic Stadium and parade. For that particular task, the POC has assigned well-known and world-renowed fashion designer Rajo Laurel to make the clothes for this particular occasion.

Working with the barong tagalog in mind for simplicity and elegance, Rajo intends to use black, gold and mocha as the colors. The main accessory to the barong is a salakot gilded with gold leaf.

This is Rajo's design for the Opening Ceremonies uniform.

For the Filipino Olympian

For the Filipina Olympian

The embroidery (as seen below) for the barong is inspired by the palay, which symbolizes good luck and fortune. He is to use dark cobalt and blue threads to weave the embroidery onto the barong.

The design looks promising and hopefully, be able to provide the luck and charm that our athletes can get.

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