Monday, June 11, 2012

Blog Outsourcing - June 11, 2012 edition

Greetings and welcome to the latest edition of The Morning After.

Shocked. Surprised. In awe. That happened after Michael Buffer announced the decision. Considering the statistics, conversations and observations all across the timelines, Timothy Bradley, Jr. remains undefeated.

When the winner himself says that he himself was not sure and wanted to watch tape, something is definitely amiss. This will definitely be worse if Manny Pacquiao had decided to not take the high road.

Let's see if Timothy will take the same path.

Here forth are the links after the jump.
What a way to open Euro 2012. (c/o National Post)

The Group of Death that makes the previous Groups-of-Death come alive. (c/o Sportige)

The Croats take advantage of the titanic clash. (c/o The Scotsman)

The final group of teams in the Euro 2012 kicks off later. Here is what to expect. (c/o The Hard Tackle)

There was a interesting segment within ESPN's Euro 2012 telecast detailing a dark portion of the region's history. (c/o The Independent)

82,000 at the Metlife Stadium. Very neat, eh. (c/o New York Times)

Oceanic kings of futbol. (c/o Solomon Star)

They got it done, though. (c/o Soccertimes)

Paper, paper, paper, paper... (The Daily Mail)

Buzzed out, but drama remained. (c/o Newsday)

Masha-ble. (c/o The Telegraph)

Pressed pause as it will resume later. (c/o BBC Sport)

Racing in Pocono. (c/o Motorsport)

7 races, 7 winners in Formula 1. (c/o Pit Pass)

Great timing, Dustin. (c/o Memphis Commercial Appeal)

Ping their way to Omaha. (c/o Alligator Army)

Nasty level of losing. (c/o Houston Chronicle)

Starting from scratch. (c/o The Oklahoman)

S-E-C speed, literally. (c/o The Advocate & Orlando Sentinel)

Last chance for a win at Staples. (Los Angeles Times)

In the Motherland, other than the fight, we also critique how our national anthem is sung, so here is the latest.

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