Monday, June 4, 2012

Blog Outsourcing - June 4, 2012

Good morning and Happy Monday!

It has been a long day, especially when you know you will be covering a FIFA international friendly tomorrow, especially when it featured back-to-back press conferences. (The other one involves Puma being the kit sponsor of the Philippine Senior National Football team, its first in the Asia-Pacific region)

I enjoy watching and covering football. I feel more pressure with it now, especially when you have committed yourself to writing more about it. At least you get the enjoyment of magic such like this at Jerryworld.

Here forth are the links to keep you busy after the jump.
All is square in love and war, whether here or there. (c/o The Oklahoman and Boston Herald)

What about Lil' Wayne and his "entitlement." (c/o Larry Brown Sports)

Bosh-ed up and ready to go? (c/o Miami Herald)

Phil will still get to enjoy his peyotes more. (c/o The Inquisitr)

How do you remember Orlando Woolridge, or LeRoy Ellis, or Jack Twyman? (c/o Pippen Ain't Easy, The Oregonian, and The Big Lead)

Kings of the Road. (c/o Los Angeles Times)

Tim Thomas wants a sabbatical. (c/o New York Times)

A four-hitter and a five-hitter lay in the cards. (c/o Newark Star-Ledger and Lookout Landing)

This happens when you decide to bolt the conference, you get hosed out. (c/o Sporting News)

Kings of Rugby is in Dartmouth. (c/o Philadelphia Daily News)

Trey > Lefty in *ping!*. (c/o Palm Beach Post)

Tide got rolled. (c/o Golfweek)

Jimmie tames the Monster Mile. (c/o The News-Tribune)

Azarenka is done, but not Novak in Roland Garros. (c/o New York Times)

Due to an unfortunate incident involving Paul Williams, James Kirkland will now be taking on El Canelo. (c/o Washington Post, New Yorker, Fight Saga)

Time's up for Shawn Johnson. (c/o Inside Gymnastics)

Michael Phelps says hello. (c/o Austin American-Statesman)

Palestine and Haiti as part of nations with skiers. (c/o Planet Ski)

Aston Villa and Liverpool get their guys. (c/o Birmingham Mail and Daily Mail)

Pep in Manhattan. (c/o Marca)

To part, here is the official Theme Song for the Euro 2012.

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