Monday, July 19, 2010

Blog Outsourcing: 7/19

Welcome to the latest edition of Sparty and Friends!

Again, apologies for the snafu last Friday. I did try to make that up later that day with the Afternoon hangover. Yes, we all got confused by the today vis-a-vis tomorrow thing. That's the hard part dealing with someone beyond the International Date Line.

Anyhow, I remembered Big D's post on College Football and his email to me wondering about my college football allegiances. This post is dedicated to trying to answer that question.

Being a sort-of casual fan of the sport (considering it gets little or no attention round my parts). I really never had a solid one-team allegiance. The way one has with Purdue or Florida or Tennessee or Michigan State. I have multiple allegiances. It would be based on certain aspects:

1. Jesuits. I will always support Jesuit institutions as an homage to my alma mater. To a certain extent, that extends to similar academic institutions (i.e. Northwestern or Vandy)

2. Underdogs. Being the little guy, I always admire the have-nots in their efforts against the haves. I loved Boise State and its smurf turf and TCU and its hard-nosed D.

3. I dislike Notre Dame. Need I say more? I just find them annoying. And for similar programs, I prefer Michigan over Ohio State. I liked the Fun N' Gun and was in awe of the Tebow era. (Sure helps that he was here in the country before).

4. Quirkiness. Whether players (my love and respect for Virginia Tech nowadays started with the magic of Michael Vick) or coaches (Texas Tech during the Mike Leach era, the wonders of JoePa), if you interest me, that's awesome.

And so ends my soapbox. Feel free to blast me anytime.

Here comes the links madness:

Louis Oosthuizen. Your Open Champion. This time, Tiger is not in 4th place.

There will be a basketball court built on Times Square. Hope someone near there can cover it for me. (Btw, thanks to a good friend named Sarah, who will be going to NYC to cover it).

Andy Pettitte gets hurt. At least not the way AJ Burnett gone through. The good news, at least they get a little breathing room thanks to the Rangers.

Speaking of Boston, 600 straight sellouts. And Josh Beckett is in the horizon...

With just 2 weeks to go until the trade deadline, injuries affect market value.

Looks like Carlos Zambrano is getting ready, but is he now mentally ready? Meanwhile, Doc Halladay got outdueled.

Ken Macha whining about HBPs.

Could be the end of an era, if it hasn't been already. Meanwhile the two American winners joust it out.

Mark Chmura is now a Lambeau HOFer.

Who knew that a former import here in the Philippines could possibly become a NBA GM.

And so another legend could possibly join the team of legends...

Is he fit for the job? Vandy expectations are not really that high.

Soccer fanaticism is really something else around the world.

Landon Donovan saves the day!

Reliving the ESPYs...

The American parallel to this would be the IRL removing the Indy 500 on their schedule.

Floyd likes having things go his way on his terms. Unless something that would forcibly prod him to do it (i.e. IRS). Not surprised with his shenanigans. Anyhow, if Timothy Bradley is interested or a Paul Williams, just buzz us. Margarito is not an option.

Oh and yes, my alma mater is 2-1. Up next is the biggest school rivalry ever. They have the same record as we do. I hope for tickets.

Double Dip videos for today:

This first one contains the top 20 goals of the World Cup.

The second one is Slim Shady. Because he is a lyrical poetic genius.

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