Monday, July 26, 2010

Blog Outsourcing - 7/26

Welcome to today's edition of Sparty and Friends.

Earlier today, I was listening to my new president give his State of the Nation Address (SONA for short). It was 36 minutes of talking about the current state of my country and what he initially intends to do about it. You call it your State of the Union Address. It was done in the vernacular, so if you are interested, you can read the English translation here.

On the other hand, the weekend was wracked with disappointment as my alma mater lost in the 1st round of our rivaly game. The way we lost it was a little ugly as we held a 9-pt lead late in the 4th quarter with 3+ minutes left, and all of a sudden, we could not score and their shots began falling. What sucks even more is that all those hiding in the woodwork came out and pounced on the opportunity to talk smack. After all, they finally got their chance after the past few years of failure. Hope we can bounce back from this better than ever. It has been a tough start this season, but it is still early. Lots of games to go before the post-season comes in about a couple of months.

Of course, one good lesson you can gleam from this experience is that these are the kind of things that can be cured by sleep. Something obviously Dan Gilbert should have done before the Comic Sans mishap.

Here are the links:

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Adios! Here's an old parting track: