Saturday, July 24, 2010

TWTWTNBA: FA Discussion (Filling in the Pieces)

Here are more FA madness from the Association:


Nate Robinson stays with the Boston Celtics: Those two playoff wins Nate provided were apparently enough for the Celtic brass to say, let's keep him instead of Tony Allen.

Anthony Carter stays with the Denver Nuggets: Rumored to have been targeted by the Heat, he decided to stay knowing he will not really play that much if necessary with the quick development of Ty Lawson.

Randy Foye to the Los Angeles Clippers: He replaces the departed Steve Blake. Randy will be the back-up to both Baron Davis and Eric Gordon. At the same time, this buys time for their two PG draft picks (Bledsoe and Warren) time to develop at their own pace.

Kyle Lowry stays with the Houston Rockets: Cavs wanted him. Unfortunately, they get screwed again

Luke Ridnour to the Minnesota Timberwolves: Another Kahn move. Makes Ramon Sessions expendable, which was also a Kahn move. Add to that the Jefferson deal to Utah, makes me feel good about the Minny 1st rounder coming soon. At least the Twins are around right now...

Shaun Livingston to the Charlotte Bobcats: Maybe this is the chance to shine, Shaun. Hope you have fully recovered. Because only DJ Augustin is your only competition for the starting PG role. It is worth nothing that the injury we would like not seeing on Youtube happened against the Bobcats.

Ronnie Brewer to the Chicago Bulls: With Orlando matching JJ's offer sheet, this is their Plan B. They needed a replacement for what Kirk Hinrich did on the defensive end, and Ronnie provides that element. He's not as good a shooter as JJ is, however. Expect the lion's share of the minutes at the 2 to go to him.

JJ Redick stays with the Orlando Magic: He is the Magic's top FA priority, which would probably cost them Matt Barnes. Is he going to be the starter, we will know soon enough.

Wesley Matthews to the Portland Trailblazers: Nice bargain pickup by Jerry Sloan, gets Paul Millsap-d by Portland, only this time, the Jazz let him go. He was solid guarding the likes of Kobe Bryant, Kevin Durant etc. This makes Rudy available for anyone, without letting him slink away to Europe.

CJ Watson to the Chicago Bulls: With Kirk Hinrich gone, they needed a back-up PG. He'll fit the bill.


Travis Outlaw to the New Jersey Nets: With Lebron choosing not to go to Newark, the Nets had to look for a Plan B. Outlaw is not a bad choice. During his days in Portland, I thought he was their #2 go to clutch option after Roy.

Kyle Korver to the Chicago Bulls: Bulls needed better bench contributors, and adding his shooting prowess will prove to be invaluable.

Carlos Boozer to the Chicago Bulls: Chicago needed a big splash this free agency. They struck out on the big kahuna, and thus this was their fallback option. Having Boozer means they finally have a low post threat. A 20-10 guy who could provide the offensive oomph that Joakim Noah can dream about. Hey, it is definitely better than the last FA bonanza that netted them Ron Mercer and Eddie Robinson. However, I still remember Booz as the guy who backstabbed a blind man.

James Jones stays with the Miami Heat: They need fringe guys who can shoot. Well, we know he can shoot the ball. Given the probable minutes distribution after Lebron and Wade, he really will not play much.

Craig Smith stays with the Los Angeles Clippers: And the continued evolution of the Clipperwolves continues. But really like the signing. He's a fan favorite and definitely will keep pressure off Blake Griffin.


Brendan Haywood stays with the Dallas Mavericks: Played well for the Mavs after he was sent there. Outlasted the Damp in the process, but still has competition for minutes, as Tyson Chandler joins in the fray.

Johan Petro to the New Jersey Nets: He would be the top caddy to Brook Lopez for the Nets. He filled in admirably when Kenyon Martin was sidelined.

Hilton Armstrong to the Washington Wizards: They need a backup big to spell Javale McGee and Andray Blatche. That's his role.

Brad Miller to the Houston Rockets: Three words. Yao Ming Insurance. Doesn't hurt that he played for Rick Adelman's Princeton-style offense.

Jamaal Magloire stays with the Miami Heat: He provides insurance for bigs in case someone goes down.

Joel Anthony stays with the Miami Heat: It is thought that he is going to be project for Spoelstra to develop him. Now with all the signings, he will be able to develop at his own pace, plus learn from veterans that are around him.

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