Monday, July 5, 2010

Blog Outsourcing 7/5

Welcome to today's edition of Sparty & Friends.

It's a Holiday weekend on the American shores, and although it is Filipino-American Friendship Day here (the US did grant Philippine independence on July 4, 1946), most of the country is reporting for duty. I am luckily taking advantage of the fact that I have no work later today. (You can thank the outsourcing industry).

After the so-called debacle of an intro last week, it is time to write something interesting. Something way way late. The final-postscript of the NBA Finals. I did write about what I thought were the factors were in the series. And to recap, here they are:

The X-Factors:

1. Andrew Bynum - Restricted to minimal minutes due to the injury. Then again, Pau and Lamar best play alongside each other.

2. Ron Artest - need I say more after Game 7?

3. Kendrick Perkins - His absence in Game 7 is a major what-could-have-been. It also ensure that the KG-Perk-Pierce-Allen-Rondo starting 5 remains unbeaten in a playoff series.

4. The Boston Bench (Big Baby Davis, Nate Robinson, Tony Allen, Rasheed Wallace) - Did win them a game (the Shrek and Donkey game a.k.a. the saliva moment). Did nothing in Game 6. Was not in play in Game 7 (Sheed was in starting 5).

The Keys:

1. Kobe - Definitely not his best day. Tony Allen will get paid because of his efforts chasing Kobe. Ray Allen also did admirably, but apparently took a toll on his shooting.

2. KG - He was okay with his performance in the Finals. Definitely not at par with 2008 level, but he kept things going for Boston.

3. Rondo - Lakers found a cure, somewhat to the Rondo. Letting him shoot. Let's put it this way, I hope he shoots 500 jumpers everyday or have Ray Allen's habits rub off him.

Anyhow, now that this is out of the way, we can close the book on the previous season. As what Jay-Z says, on to the next one.

Since it is after all, Independence Day, people should remember this speech well:

Time to check the links:

Joe Johnson is about to be officially overpaid.

The Knicks arranged a second meeting with Lebron's team. Why have a second meeting? Because of this guy.

Maybe J-Rod has this shirt.

This is why the FA process takes a bit long. Meanwhile, this might factor into the Wade for Chi-town.

Miz loves spreadsheets. I am sure he would like Google Documents.

Another Spanish guard goes back to Europe. From Raul Lopez to Juan Carlos Navarro to Sergio Rodriguez.

Russian Billionaire seeks GM, checks if Chris Paul could possibly be packaged along in the future. But that might be wishful thinking.

David Lee visiting Minnesota. Could be part to get Monta Ellis to Rucker Park. Speaking of Rucker Park, streetballer named Yungbuck found ballin'.

It has been one year for Air McNair.

Dunga exits. But Felipe Melo should be given a reprieve by Brazilian fans after a FIFA correction. Oh, and don't do an Andres Escobar.

What now, Diego?

This letter might bring back the Nigerians to their senses.

Miroslav Klose thinks Die Mannschaft can pull it off this time against the Euro Champs. He's a goal away from tying the old Ronaldo's record.

All-Star Rosters have been announced. Discuss. Why there will probably be 4 DH games in the World Series.

Deuce Lutui is now (proud to be) an American.

Kevin Ollie is no longer in the FA race. Ditto with Donyell Marshall.

Serena is the queen on grass, while Rafa is its king.

Parting is video is one message to all the free agents out there:

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