Monday, July 19, 2010

TWTWTNBA: Post-Lebronageddon

It has been a few days since the announcement. It's about time to recap the latest moves in the ballers' league. You may notice some missing names here, but I will get to them on the next article

Raymond Felton to the New York Knicks: If Lebron went to NY, having a PG would not really be a concern because that's what Lebron will handle. As a result, they needed a short-term solution at the position. Why? Because there might be change afoot.

Jordan Farmar to the New Jersey Nets: Steve Blake made him expendable, so the hometown hero moves on to Jay-Z's realm. There is always a saying that you can always go home, maybe the reverse could be true. Guy spent pretty much entire life in Southern Cal, so a spell outside could establish a little more confidence and less pressure. In addition, he will be playing backup point as well as free up Devin Harris from PG duties a little.

Derek Fisher stays with the Los Angeles Lakers: As much as how they Lebron and Wade tried to pry away the Kobe confidant, did you really think that the Mamba will ever let this guy leave? Other than Kobe, he's their next best clutch option.

Ray Allen stays with the Boston Celtics: With Paul Pierce returning, not really a shocker that Ray also stayed. The window is closing pretty quick, but the old guys know they got a shot or two left before Father Time says you're done for. Hope he can teach the jump shot to Rajon and Avery.

Tony Allen to the Memphis Grizzlies: Like James Posey before him, another Southwest Division team lures him away from Beantown. One sure thing though, on the offensive end, they will not miss his bad hands. They will definitely miss his defensive efforts, especially after being on Kobe Bryant on the Finals.

Anthony Morrow to the New Jersey Nets: As a Clipper fan, this is the reason why I wanted him to join my team. The guy can flat out shoot. In an aggressive running offense, he'll be deadly. I am not sure if Courtney Lee has the starting job locked down, but it will be an interesting competition.

Dwayne Wade stays with the Miami Heat: He still remains the King of South Beach. He has a king welcoming people that they are recruiting.

Lebron James to the Miami Heat: I don't think we need to discuss much, but it's disappointing to see the King turn into a doorman for someone else.

Udonis Haslem stays with the Miami Heat: Much like Fisher, not even full MLE offers from Dallas and Denver swayed him and part with his long time buddy and BFF Wade. Considering he was an undrafted guy from the Draft Class of '03, he's undervalued. Oh and yes, Udonis can have the current doorman polishing his championship ring, something he, Adam Morrison and Darko have in common.

Jermaine O'Neal to the Boston Celtics: Here is the stopgap measure with Perk's absence. I also thought he would be more at home with the Gen-Y's instead of the Tweeps down south.

David Lee to the Golden State Warriors: Had Lebron went to NY, this deal would not have taken place. I heard of comparisons to Dave Cowens. He may not have the defensive acumen, but with how the W's handle things, that is the least of their concerns. Come to think of it, their philosophy regarding defense is simply outscoring people.

Chris Bosh to the Miami Heat: Chris Bosh and his media mileage migrates south. He'll probably be the most talented third option out there. Still wish he had his dreads on, because it would help Adrien Brody's case of being an action star.

Ben Wallace stays with the Detroit Pistons: Big Ben will end his NBA career with the Pistons. Clearly seeing his better days, his new role will be getting Greg Monroe to be in tiptop NBA defensive shape.

Aaron Gray stays with the New Orleans Hornets: He's a space filler down low for the Hornets, who definitely are in a lack of direction right now. (You know he isn't really that important when I cannot find a proper link regarding the signing).

Tiago Splitter to the San Antonio Spurs: It took an eternity to get him here, finally. Hope it pays off, because they need a successor to Timmy D (or at least, a stopgap measure). Timmy D then would become the David Robinson to Tiago being a young Timmy.

Timofey Mozgov to the New York Knicks: This definitely elicits Ivan Radovadovitch memories. Anyhow, he is a 7'1" big man who can compete for minutes down low. If the SSOL wants an Andris Biedrins-like rebounder, he might fit the bill.

Omer Asik to the Chicago Bulls: Ensures depth down low for the Bulls. Not much to be expected (you have Joakim and Booz), but you can observe him playing for his homeland on the FIBA World Championships in his first major action since his collarbone injury.

Zydrunas Ilgauskas to the Miami Heat: Well, how come Dan Gilbert is not at all ballistic on him leaving? He is the Cavs career leader in games, blocks and rebounds. This move ensures a big man rotation is set in South Beach. (Bosh, Haslem and Z)