Wednesday, July 7, 2010

TWTWTNBA: Free Agency summary (so far)

This is a recap on who went where so far: (inclusive until the latest deal I know of, in this case, the Chris Duhon deal)

These are the signings:


1. Steve Blake signs with the Lakers - The major holes for the champs have been bench depth and PG play. Fish is old (but needed since he can shoot clutch). Both Shannon Brown & Jordan Farmar are FAs. Very heady and smart PG (Played 32 minutes in Clipper debut fresh from being traded for Marcus Camby). Will help Lakers with his shooting ability being much much more reliable than the Machine. Can play both guard spots. Could also serve as a stopgap measure in Laker quest for the PG of the future.

2. Chris Duhon signs with the Orlando Magic - I believe someone already wrote it in earlier today.

3. Sergio Rodriguez signs with Real Madrid - He could not capitalize on the opportunities given, so he will take the Raul Lopez route back to respectability. People must have been allergic to Spanish Chocolate.

4. Joe Johnson stays with the Atlanta Hawks - Way way overpaid. And he intends on bringing in "name" players along with him. The big rumor is that Shaq is on the way to the ATL, but I doubt he'd like to be the caddy to Al Horford and compete with Zaza for minutes.

5. John Salmons stays with the Milwaukee Bucks - One of the weaknesses the Bucks needed to address was the lack of aggressiveness in driving to the lane. With the additions of Corey Maggette and Chris Douglas-Roberts on separate trades and a full offseason with John Salmons plus Brandon Jennings getting better, Scott Skiles might not find room for Michael Redd. Expect Milwaukee to be among the FT attempt leaders this season.


1. Paul Pierce staying with the Celtics - Not surprised. He's a Celtic for life. Deal frees up a little cap room to retool this bunch. And of course, John approves of this sentence.

2. Rudy Gay stays with the Grizzlies - Memphis pre-empting any other team interested in signing the UConn alum, avoid a possible Paul Millsap situation by getting this deal done. With that over and done with, it is hoped he can get a killer instinct as well as some cojones like that of his new rookie teammate "General" Greivis Vasquez.

3. Hakim Warrick signs with the Phoenix Suns - Welcome to the post-Amar'e Stoudemire era. He won't provide the offensive numbers Amar'e gives, but he is athletic and will benefit from having a great guard named Steve Nash. Could get Josh Smith-like numbers if he gets his head on straight.

4. Dirk Nowitzki stays with the Dallas Mavericks - Not surprised as well. This move is to free up a little space for Mark Cuban to utilize in his constant tinkering operations. He still has the Erick Dampier non-guaranteed contract as his major trade chip.

5. Drew Gooden signs with the Milwaukee Bucks - In the Summer of Lebron, he was the first FA to secure a deal (could be a trivia question). The other need for Squad 6 is better big man depth. After all, team expectations went south when Andrew got hurt. Drew provides quality big man minutes and is a definite upgrade over Dan Gadzuric. Still think it was a little too much for a big man.

6. Amar'e Stoudemire signs with the New York Knicks - We expected the Knicks to get someone. And they are still hoping for @kingjames to answer their call (no matter how unlikely that might be).

7. Amir Johnson stays with the Toronto Raptors - Welcome to the post-Chris Bosh era, T-Dot. Another overpaid contract for someone based on potential. With all the minutes Chris Bosh leaves, he might be able to take advantage, but he has to grasp the idea and get it. Or else, someone like Ed Davis might benefit. Either way, looks like a lost season for Raptors fans everywhere.


1. Darko Milicic stays with the Minnesota Timberwolves - 4-yr $20 million. For insurance, they sign this Euro. And they are interested in David Lee while they have Al Jefferson & Kevin Love. All I can say is: KAAAAAAAHHHNNNN!

2. Channing Frye stays with the Phoenix Suns - Considering Amar'e has moved on, someone needs to replace the minutes. Still think he is overpaid with that deal. He and Hakim Warrick will get most of the minutes unless Earl Clark wows in the off-season. I foresee a Sam Perkins or a Terry Mills (remember him, Sparty?) situation for him.