Monday, July 23, 2012

Blog Outsourcing July 23, 2012 edition

Greetings and I hope you have had a happy Monday. Obviously, most, if not all of us, suffered some major buzzkill from the past few days, mostly from the Aurora shootings and the fallout from the Freeh report being applied onto the current and incoming batch of Penn State players.

To provide you with something positive to kickstart your morning, here is Michelle Jenneke (thank you to With Leather).

Here forth are the links after the jump.
Easy E takes the jug home. (c/o London Telegraph)

What now, Adam Scott? (c/o The Australian)

Tiger is not panicking. (c/o Scottish Daily Record)

Manchester's renegade did some caddie work. (c/o Daily Mail)

Britain being an overlord of France. Historical context. (c/o The Guardian)

The future of TdF? (c/o Bloomberg)

The quest to have "Play Ball" uttered in the Olympics with an interesting turn. (c/o Games Bids)

Fausto has returned. (c/o Cleveland Plain-Dealer)

One bat made unavailable? (c/o Chicken Friars)

Shuffle up and deal, shall we? (c/o Journal Review)

The sweeping A's (c/o New York Times)

Miggy Cabs at 300 mark. (c/o Sporting News)

New HoFers. (c/o Toronto Globe and Mail)

Now what in 2013? (c/o CBS Sports' Eye on Baseball)

Deconstructing the latest effort of Team USA. (c/o BallinEurope)

Remains the King of Akron. Sort of. (c/o Canton Repository)

The context of Olympic Theme Songs (c/o Salon)

Here is some Princess in China.


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