Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Blog Outsourcing - October 15, 2012 edition


We all know about Felix Baumgartner. We saw what he did. It surely was crazy. It was unprecedented. It takes balls to do that. It also means that nothing is impossible, to borrow a tagline from another brand. It means that the human spirit remains indomitable. May it inspire us the way previously unheard of achievements inspired the previous generations.

Here forth are the brief links after the jump.
Fever draw first blood over the Lynx. (c/o Minneapolis Star-Tribune)

This cameo means he's getting a better gig soon? (c/o Politico)

I am Iron Man. (c/o Triathlete Europe)

Anderson Silva is awesome. (c/o Sportsnet)

Fight Night. (c/o Doghouse Boxing)

Sebastian Vettel regains F1 lead, Gangnam Style. (c/o The Chosun Ilbo)

She ain't no Danica, but she is a trailblazer. (c/o The Independent)

Midnight Madness. Means the quest to beat the bracket has groundswell. (c/o The Dagger)

5-time champions. Best f'n school in the Motherland. (c/o Rappler)

Because he was briefly, a spaceman...

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