Monday, October 22, 2012

Blog Outsourcing - October 22, 2012 edition

Morning to all.

Nothing is safe. Not even the sanctity of a "state-of-the-art" facility, as a break-in of a locker room took place while the team was playing on the court. What was worse was that the coaching staff not only lost belongings, but also the game.

The venue and its management has had a rough week, not only having to deal with that, but also with this move by Sting.

Meanwhile, you'll never ever see Transformers the same again after watching this clip.

Here forth are the links after the jump. 

John Farrell for Mike Aviles. Fair trade for the 46th manager of the Red Sox? (c/o Toronto Globe and Mail)

A-Rod can no longer relate with Al Capone. (c/o Baseball Think Factory)

Fernando Rodney and Buster Posey make their comeback. (c/o D Rays Bay and NBC Bay Area)

The Diamondbacks reshuffle on the field and in the booth. (c/o Rising Apple and AZCentral)

List of players on ice to kick off season grows longer, with Dallas, Golden State and New York showing concern. (c/o CBS Sports, San Jose Mercury News and Sporting News)

Davidson stays, College of Charleston goes. (c/o Rant Sports and Gant Daily)

He has been cleared, but they haven't. Also this guy. (c/o Lexington Herald-Leader, Los Angeles Times and College Basketball Talk)

Preseason poll out. (c/o Opposing Views)

The legend of Optimus Klein grows. (c/o The Topeka Capital Journal)

The beat goes on and on and on... (c/o Football Foundation)

The Chronicles of Riddick for the Fighting Irish. (c/o Deseret News)

Duke is officially in the bowl bonanza. (c/o Durham Herald Sun)

TRoll Tide. (c/o The Crimson White)

NCAA versus New Jersey. Who blinks? (c/o Newark Star-Ledger)

More hardball on the rink and boardroom. (c/o Toronto Star)

To part, go find a different corner.

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