Tuesday, October 23, 2012

On Lance

The shoe has dropped, so to speak.

The individual writing this piece has the same number of Tour de France titles as Lance Armstrong. This after UCI has confirmed USADA's report. With that confirmation, TdF organizers finally conducted what they feel is the right thing to do, which is to strip the seven TdF titles.

This news puts a pall on the race, which will be turning 100 next year. In addition, within the next couple of days, the TdF organizers are supposed to announce the planned race route next year's centennial. All the buzz there will now be re-centered on Lance.

Trying to understand and figure out the whole drama on Lance is filled with shades and shades of gray.

Yes, trying to cheat is clearly wrong, but the culture of the sport makes it difficult to turn away. It's still worth noting that Lance was never caught in their tests and USADA needed to have people testify to ensure they can pin him down. It's a conflicting context for the sport, which Lance was its face for so long. Now they want to be as far away as they possibly could. It's a sad crossroad that cycling is in. This is a challenge to the new generation of riders, led by reigning TdF winner Bradley Wiggins to blaze a new trail and carve a new path.

As for Lance, what is the truth? Many things needed to be clarified and enlightened. Is there something worth salvageable? That's how things are right now. Queries right ahead. The fear is always how this affects the fight against cancer, as Lance is THE face of Livestrong and the worry of collateral damage is ever present.

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