Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Team Undrafted

On From the Stands, Carlo Pamintuan, Chuck Araneta and Polo Bustamante decided to hold a draft. A draft with quirks. Quirks like all teams should be represented and only one player per team. 

This is how the three built their super teams:

Team Carlo

Starters: Gabe Norwood (RoSE) / Kelly Williams (TNT) / June Mar Fajardo (PBB) / James Yap (SMCM) / LA Tenorio (BGSM)
Bench: Nonoy Baclao (A21) / Sean Anthony (BAR) / Sonny Thoss (ALA) / Mac Cardona (MER) / Willie Miller (GLO)
Head Coach: Tim Cone (SMC)

Team Chuck

Starters: Mark Caguioa (BGSM) / Arwind Santos (PBB) / Marc Pingris (SMCM) / Ryan Reyes (TNT) / Paul Lee (RoSE)
Bench: Sol Mercado (MER) / Danny Seigle (BAR) / Rabeh Al-Hussaini (GLO) / RenRen Ritualo (A21) / Jvee Casio (ALA)
Head Coach: Norman Black (TNT)

Team Polo

Starters: Calvin Abueva (ALA) / Cliff Hodge (MER) / Doug Kramer (BAR) / Gary David (GLO) / Jayson Castro (TNT)
Bench: Chris Ellis (BGSM) / Yousef Taha (A21) / Yancy De Ocampo (SMCM) / Jeff Chan (RoSE) / Alex Cabagnot (PBB)
Head Coach: Yeng Guiao (RoSE)

In that context, I decided to build my own version of the this team. This time, I based it on the list of undrafted players. By undrafted, meaning those that Carlo, Chuck and Polo declined on picking.

Here is #TeamUndrafted after the jump:

1. Ranidel de Ocampo (TNT) - Surprisingly left off the group by the trio. One of the best players in the SMART-Gilas team.
2. Peter June Simon (SMCM) - The Scoring Apostle will be the clutch man for this team when things get tough.
3. Cyrus Baguio (ALA) - Skyrus will be this team's offensive muscle.
4. Chris Ross (MER) - Tasked to make sure this team will run the offense smoothly.
5. Rudy Hatfield (BGSM) - The H-Bomb will do the dirty work. The evolutionary predecessor to Pingris.
6. Marcio Lassiter (PBB) - The Gilas 1.0 swing wing can score and defend. Will alternate between Simon and Baguio and keep them both fresh.
7. KG Canaleta (A21) - The enigma will serve as the stretch four. If he's on, he'll play a lot.
8. Josh Urbitztondo (BAR) - The Fireball is a perfect change of pace at the point.
9. Vic Manuel (GLO) - The D-League MVP will be off-the-bench low post undersized big.
10. Chris Tiu (RoSE) - He'll figure out a way to contribute. You know he just does.
11. Coach Olsen Racela (PBB) - He knows what he's doing. Besides, having him means having the consultant Rajko Toroman around, too.

Starters: Ross, Simon, Baguio, R. de Ocampo, Hatfield
Bench: Urbitztondo, Tiu, Lassiter, Canaleta, Manuel
Head Coach: Racela

Short list of candidates who I also considered:

MER - Jay-R Reyes / Carlo Sharma
PBB - Chris Lutz / Jay Washington
BGSM - Dylan Ababou / Allein Maliksi / Elmer Espiritu / Rico Maierhofer / Mike Cortez / Jayjay Helterbrand
ALA - Gabby Espinas / Dondon Hontiveros / Tony dela Cruz
BAR - Celino Cruz / Roger Yap / Enrico Villanueva / Ronald Tubid / Mick Pennisi
GLO - Rey Guevarra
RoSE - Beau Belga / Jervy Cruz
TNT - Larry Fonacier

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