Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Trequartista Sweeper - Thoughts on the UFL Cup

The UFL Cup is scheduled to kick off later today, with UFL Division I Champion Global FC and runner-up Kaya FC going up against fellow Div I sides Pasargad and Green Archers United, respectively at the Rizal Memorial Stadium.

This is how I broke the UFL Cup down and my own view as to how things would play out this year.

Order of Finish:

Group A: Global, Pasargad, Socceroo, Navy, General Trias
Group B: Kaya, Green Archers, Forza, Diliman, Dolphins
Group C: Loyola, Pachanga, Nomads, Laos, Mendiola
Group D: Air Force, Stallion, Army, Agila, Sta. Lucia

The UFL Cup 2012 Bracket.

Why did I arrive at this decision?

1. The reigning UFL Cup winners don't exactly have name guys on the lineup compared to the cavalcade of talent of the other teams, but they said so themselves, they thrived in the knockout format of the Cup compared to the League. I trust the Airmen can and will handle this better than most teams would.

2. Group D is the toughest group. The Ilonggo derby and a military derby means physicality will be present. Sort of sibling clubs Stallion and Sta. Lucia were drawn together and Agila was a top half team in Div II. Compare that to Group A, which already has the feel of a cakewalk. Of course, stranger things have happened in the sport of football.

3. Injuries are a wildcard, as always. i.e. Jason Sabio's groin, Aly Borromeo's knee.

4. Depth and balance. Global FC has almost half of the national team pool. That may be a disadvantage,

5. Why Kaya? I was impressed with how they played during the reunion match. And that was without a couple of players who were sidelined (Aly and Masai). Their new additions address needs.

Hey, I could be wrong, you know. The games truly decide which team will be hoisting the UFL Cup, not some prognosticator typing on a keyboard. So sit back, relax and observe the pageantry of club football.

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