Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Blog Outsourcing - 5/17

Welcome to the Monday edition of TMA. The weekend was great, as I finally had the chance to have a nightlife. I missed doing that due to all the stress I have been through. Afterwards, sleep was mandatory. In my line of work, sleep is a major commodity. Hopefully, I would be able to get more of these stuff. I know you guys want the same thing, as well. Nothing much to contribute on my end. Next week, I would share an interesting experience that will definitely shock you (I think).

Time to do the links:

Who knew Sheed had it in him again?

Flyers on fire. Sharks drowned.

Who knew that Nash and Bryant can duet?

We are the kings of pool. Again.

Kyle Busch gets it done again.

This is the most glamorous race of the racing calendar.

Tony Romo has his priorities straight.

Phillies sweeping Brew Crew.

This is an aberration, right?

Another Vasquez skipping? Here's a complicated explanation.

Nationals elevate someone from the minors not named Steven Strasburg.

Reds in 1st place. Really.

No more Pat the Bat. The Mariners or Mets surely need the bat potential at this point.

Cubs in panic mode now?

Your "mandatory" Lebron to the Knicks update.

FC Barcelona = La Liga champs.

The Special One taking offense to One-Eye.

Parting shot: Here's to you, Lebron.

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