Wednesday, May 5, 2010

TWTWTNBA: Eastern Conference Semis assessment

All Four teams have been identified, so let's see how they will roll:

1. Cleveland vs 4. Boston (as of this writing, Series is even at 1 apiece)

1st round assessment: For the Cavs, @mogotti2 was a creditable #2 to the MVP, with his only dud performance being in the closeout game (Game 5) against the Bulls (now headless with Paxson exercising his authority). Cavs-Bulls was memorable for Joakim Noah. For the Celtics, I thought Nate was going to be a factor, but he is only visible on Twitter. I was terribly disappointed in Miami's play.

Key people to watch: For the Cavs, Jamison's play against Garnett will be a major factor. Doc Rivers has said that Sheed needs to play better and he did on Game 2. Then again, that's probably the first pulse we felt from Sheed since whenever.

Prediction: Cavs in 6. I did say that in the previous round, the Celtics will be barbecued by the Cavs. But Akron's elbow is a major cause of concern.

2. Orlando vs 3. Atlanta (as of this writing, Series is 1-0 favoring Orlando)

1st round assessment: I thought the Magic would have a much more difficult time against the Bobcats, but they swept past them, but not without much whining from Dwight and Stan Van regarding the physical play. The Hawks, I thought, would have an easier time against the Bucks, but the Deer proved to be feisty, and extended the series to the limit. No doubt these guys helped.

Key people to watch: After the hardships re: NBA officiating, let's see what Dwight does this round. On the other side, let's see how Al Horford matches skill with D-12.

Prediction: Magic in 5. This is a bad matchup for Atlanta. You saw for yourselves in Game 1.

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