Monday, May 10, 2010

I wonder if you guys on your side of the coin are aware of what is going on out here in my neck of the woods. I was just happy to exert my right to suffrage earlier this morning.

We have had our pitfalls in the Motherland, but always the concept of an election has grabbed our attention. It is our way of directly expressing our voice and demand what we want. There is a saying in these parts... "There are only winners, and those who were cheated out of it."

Now onto to the trivial stuff.

He's perfect. But of course, nothing is complete with another A-rod mention. It just won't die, eh?

Meanwhile, the Yankees slipped and the Sawx avert a sweep.

Steve's Eye > LeBron's Elbow.

Tiger ejects from Sawgrass. Out with a neck.

You know he is going to be the fall guy. Instant results show good signs.

Ricky Rubio gets a ring, and so does Fran Vasquez.

Canucks survive, thus buying time for the Sharks.

Looks like someone can relate to Adrian Beltre.

There is a flying statue in Chi-town, now there is one in Beantown.

Ovi keeping himself busy.

To part, here is a continuation of the Tears for Fears Madness, this time, from the concert here in my 'hood.

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