Monday, May 24, 2010

Blog Outsourcing 5/24

Welcome to a new Monday edition of Sparty and Friends!

I had a great experience just going offline for the past weekend. I spent it here. No internet, no Twitter (although I can send tweets, I cannot respond to any replies or read tweets from people I follow). Haven't even read up on the posts. (Will check when I go online at the office later.)

Thinking about how much I had fun there reminds me of how things were back when I was not a Twitter addict. It showed how much Twitter has gotten a hold of me. I have evolved into an online citizen. I guess people are right in saying that sometimes, we really need to go out and cut ties temporarily with the online realm in order to maintain sanity.

Now in other news:

Step one in the effort to keep Lebron James. The COY curse continues.

The First Baller giving his 2 cents. Unfortunately, David Stern cannot fine him. I wonder if he will fine him instead.

Doug Collins in Philly. What now? One trademark of him is that he makes an instant impact on his first year of coaching.

Celtics are in the Mortal Kombat portion of their series. I wonder how will they do it. This could be a guide.

At least the Suns show a pulse. This also gives it a eerily familiar scenario back in 2008. Steve Nash = Manu Ginobili.

What happened in Bump Day.

A simple video to end the post. Goodbye Jose Lima.

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