Saturday, May 15, 2010

TWTWTNBA: Eastern Conference Finals Preview

Finally, out of the the rubble, two teams left standing in the East. Let's break them down.

Boston Celtics

How they got here: Beat Mv3 and the Wades (feat. Michael Beasley as Tito). Beat Lebron's elbow, heart and soul (possibly exiling him somewhere, like in New York).

2nd round assessment: KG eviscerated Jamison. Sheed came up huge in 2 games (Game 2 & 6), which has been enough with all the heavy lifting Rajon has been doing.

Key players: Will Tony Allen do a James Posey circa 2008? Will Kendrick Perkins be adequate against Superman? He was against Cleveland against the Man of Steel. Will the Ticket Stub win them another game? Paul Pierce was subpar in this series. Hope he emerges for John's sake.

The Orlando Magic.

How they got here: Toyed with the Hawks after breezing by playoff debutantes Charlotte. That's 8 straight wins and a 27-3 record in the last 30 games they have played.

2nd round assessment: Need I say more when Joe Johnson says this in Atlanta?

Key players: The last time they met in the playoffs, all I remember was the much ado about nothing push. Jameer missed out the last time they played. Will Vince be adequate enough? Can they really win with shooting threes like they (Pietrus, Barnes, Lewis, and yes, Redick) do?

Prediction: The Celtics win in 6. You will understand why when I post the Western Conference Finals Preview by Monday (Since Game 1 of the WCF will be on Monday (Tuesday in the islands)).

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