Monday, May 3, 2010

Blog Outsourcing 5/3


Welcome to the First Monday of May in the year 2010. Today is World Press Freedom Day, so as part of the online media, one might say that it is our day as well. A day where we all recognize of freedom to express our views, thoughts and opinions without the threat of reproach (with cause, i presume) from the higher-ups. Especially here in the islands, where people get killed just for exposing negative stuff about certain powerful elements.

Anyhow, I presume almost everyone here grew up in the New Wave era, where Brit pop and synthesizers ruled the airwaves. The other night, a certain band named Tears for Fears arrived in our shores, bringing with them their music and memories. As what Curt Smith said, they have been around the world, but they wondered for themselves why it took them this long to arrive in Manila.

Yes, I watched a Tears for Fears concert. I watched them perform. I watched them charm us all. I watched my fellow concert goers sing along to them. It was such a treat.

I paid over $56 dollars for a ticket worth slightly under $21 just to watch them, as it was sold out. I never thought I would pay that much for a concert. I wonder what would I do if a band like Coldplay or U2 ever comes to our shores. We already had Paramore and Timbaland (with a little Jojo and Justin Timberlake sprinkled in, which we did not know already broke up with Jessica Biel when he flew in).

Anyhow, time to link you up with the good stuff.

He fulfilled his end of the bargain. You know, if that ever happens, Sparty and I will have a debate.

These kids could take over for Tiger.

Just as you think Pittsburgh's problems have gone away...

Zach Greinke still cannot get a break.

Johan Santana had a bad day. Red Sox got swept by the O's. Yes. the O's.

This video is dedicated for Eric Byrnes:

One stat matters if you are a Laker fan: Phil Jackson is 45-0 when Game 1 goes his way.

Time to say goodbye to the Deer.

Get well soon, George.

Will Casey get a second chance?

RIP Pocamps.

Lebron is MVP.

And to part here is an old track:

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