Monday, May 31, 2010

Blog Outsourcing 5/31

Happy Memorial Day to all those who are celebrating the holiday!

Luckily, since my office is celebrating the holiday, I get the night off. A day free from stress and consternation. A day free from annoyances and disturbances.

I decided to do this a little earlier than usual time, given recent matters. Like the fact that I have a night life to attend to (finally) and I would like to leave the house and attend a #tweetup.

It has been a while since I have gotten the chance to go out and enjoy the night. Schedule has not been that cooperative and if something opens up, I feel exhausted.

People should take advantage of whatever breaks they have to see what is out there. After all, you live only once and instead of living in regret on missed opportunities, one should take advantage of it.

One thing I always wanted has been to go visit the provinces and partake of local tourism. Never really gone out (unless with family). The only time I managed to go out, it was to the former British Crown Colony a few years. I hope I can get the chance to seize this little possibility and grab it and fully abuse it.

Happy Memorial Day! Enjoy your BBQ!
Memorial Link love.

In the realm of tradition, Dario got milk. Meanwhile, thank goodness for car safety.

However, Penske denies Ganassi a Memorial Day double.

On the other side of the world, sometimes, the quest for personal gain can cost you the team goal.

Remember the time when the NBA buckled under player pressure with the ball? Will we see the same result in South Africa?

Stateside soccer warmup done. Off to South Africa they go under the leadership of Landon Donovan. Meanwhile, England beckons.

Coming soon to a Youtube near you. I liked this one back in the day (now being given a 2010 makeover).

Ping! 54 and counting.

After a Perfect Game the other day, a solid 14K gold performance was noted yesterday.

Speaking of Perfect Games, Doc Halladay was given a gift from the Marlins. And a day after the game, same score. Naturally, Dallas Braden has something to say.

Apprarently, Kendry's Bill Gramatica moment scarred Mike Scioscia. It spooked the Rangers, too. Well, so far so good for immediate impact. Does Carlos Delgado, Jermaine Dye or even Mike Lowell ring a bell?

Slump over, Albert?

Hedo, you could have been in Portland, you know. This one is definitely on you.

Quo vadis, STAT?

Here's a little tip: You want him, charm the other 3.

Kobe and Kill Bill. Analogy fits.

Here a profile on Mutant Russian Mark Cuban.

Let Shannon Brown wear green!

Another reason why I like the Rays.

Game 2 tonight. With ratings from Game 1 good.

RIP Scooter.

Finally a simple parting shot: Time for a Call to Arms.

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