Monday, February 14, 2011

Blog Outsourcing - 2/14 edition

Wassup people and welcome to today's edition of the Victory Formation!

I would like to wish everyone here a Happy Valentine's Day or for some like me, Happy Singles' Awareness Day. I mean, my own personal lovelife has been elusive and it can be a pain, so sometimes, one just has to continue and just wait for the right girl to come and sweep me off my feet and let me sweep her off hers.

You're probably wondering where I got my picture for today. Well, I spent 40 hours in a place called Bacolod to watch a football qualifying match for the first time. I was holed up there from February 8 to 10.

You see, the Philippines is now basking in football glow. We have been pretty much down in the doldrums, being the whipping boys over the years for this sport. Not only that, they have been pretty much ignored. But then, the 2010 Suzuki Cup happened. We made it all the way to the semifinals, losing to the eventual champions Indonesia, but made a good account of themselves.

With the newfound fame, the Azkals (the team's monicker, which is a colloquialism to askals when translated means street dogs) aimed to capitalize that with the next step, qualifying for the AFC Challenge Cup. (c/o Fire Quinito) Being on a home-and-away format, the only place that can currently handle a match like this is the Panaad Stadium (c/o Wikipedia) in Bacolod. Thus the reason why I flew down there. (spending slightly over US $50 for a plane ticket (inclusive of taxes) & spending a total of US $75 for my whole stay in Bacolod.)

Hey, it was worth it. It really was. See below. (c/o Philippine Star)

Here are the links to love! (Note: you can always tweet me @misterjpmanahan if you have links for me to use.)

Has been a tough year for the Redskins, and you can add their best offensive weapon to the victims. (c/o SB Nation DC)

Jerry Gray is back in the NFL, after a month. (c/o Dallas Morning News)

The old guys are still better than the young guns. (c/o Celticsblog)

The Cavs ended two streaks the past few days. Theirs (c/o ProBasketball Talk) and the Wizards' (c/o the Washington Post).

Lebron needs to have his kids around all the time, then? (c/o SportsGrid)

DeMarcus Cousins still has issues. (c/o Cowbell Kingdom)

Mario Lemieux blasts the NHL. (c/o Boston Globe)

Fulmer Cup update: The Volunteers enter the race. (c/o the National Football Post via Pat)

Bielema gets rewarded. (c/o Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel)

Randy Shannon to Maryland? (c/o The Sporting News)

Robert Burton will let UConn keep the money. (c/o The Day)

Happy birthday. Now say where you're going already. (c/o Charlotte Observer)

Bo knows. Ask Ohio State. (c/o The Daily Cardinal)

Georgetown on a sizzling roll. 8 straight in the BEast. (c/o Casual Hoya)

Gators just sneak up on the Vols. (c/o The Independent Florida Alligator)

Junior's on the pole. (c/o From The Marbles)

The Sound of Silence on Lap 3. (c/o Miami Herald)

Michael Jordan and Denny Hamlin. Who knew? (c/o Paddock Talk)

Danica Patrick wants another go-round. (c/o The Ledger)

Ford wants to show the world that there is only one thing that comes to mind with the F-150. (c/o Ford Muscle)

The Glazers and Qatar both benefitting from the Manchester United buzz.(c/o Telegraph)

Wayne Rooney wants to ride a bicycle. And he did it in style. (c/o Huffington Post)

West Ham gets to keep the 2012 London Olympic Stadium. (c/o Forbes)

Can Roy Hodgson save the Baggies from the drop? (c/o Mirror Football)

The leading goal scorer in World Cup history has announced his retirement. (c/0 Bloomberg)

America, you ready for Pacquiao on free TV? (c/o Boxing Scene) He's also rockin' the Bieb do, also (c/o Fanhouse). Here are some more quotes. (c/o Fight News)

Toronto fans must be giddy for this as practice if they want to engage Chris Bosh for screwing with them. (c/o Inside Fights)

End of an era for the MMA Legend known as the Last Emperor? (c/o Baltimore Sun)

To end this day, here is a new long song. Also serves as a LSS.


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