Monday, February 28, 2011

Blog Outsourcing - 2/28/11

Welcome to today's edition of the Morning After.

Today is the last day of February, and with the Ides of March about to begin just hours from now.

Today also serves as the end of Awards season. With the Academy Awards, we all now await the big releases that pepper the landscape like Thor, Captain America, etc... Oh, and Wrestlemania.

I wish I could share something about the Oscars, but I slept through it. I was awake watching TLC when they showed back to back of Bizarro Foods and No Reservations featuring the Motherland. Yes, I finally and luckily got to watch those two shows. It felt good when a great show features and highlights your own heritage.

Hereforth are the links:

Change of Relationship status for Cristiano Ronaldo. (c/o Digital Spy)

Let's get it on, Ozzie and Bobby. (c/o Chicago Breaking Sports) have Tito Francona as the special guest referee. (c/o Boston Herald)

RIP, Duke Snider. (c/o Bats)

Duke stumbles against the Hokies. (c/o The Key Play)

Finally, Jeff Gordon ends his 66 on Route 66. (c/o Charlotte Observer)

Someone actually tallied the songs most played in stadiums / arenas. (c/o Yahoo! Sports)

Joe Torre hired to be Bud's #2. (c/o Detroit Free Press)

UFC in Aussie-land! (c/o 5th rd)

Old-school to match old school. (c/o 10s Balls)

Birmingham wins the Carling Cup (c/o Soccer America)

The Golden Boy must be very very lucky to escape possible suspension. (c/o Sunday People)

Kaka for sale in Madrid. (c/o Tribal Football) All whilst FC Barcelona get closer to putting things on ice. (c/o Barca Blaugranes)

Tony Stewart in a F1 Car with Lewis Hamilton in a NASCAR Chevy in Watkins Glen? (c/o Corning Leader)

Think any non-Indy Car driver can snag this $5 million booty? The ultimate Las Vegas gamble? (c/o Miami Herald)

Luke Donald wins Matchplay, as Martin Kaymer takes over. (c/o Denver Post)

Purdue stamping its class. (c/o Indianapolis Star)

Bo knows home perfection. (c/o Daily Cardinal)

Say goodbye to Pauley Pavillion for now. (c/o Larry Brown Sports)

Jimmer has a shot at a 1-seed. (c/o Daily Aztec)

Texas stumbling and bumbling. (c/o Dallas Morning News)

The NHL trade deadline beckons. (c/o NHL)

If we believe in the transitive qualities, Cleveland (c/o Digital Journal) > New York (c/o ProBasketball Talk) > Miami

With the trade deadline over, it is the start of buyout season. (Yahoo! Sports)

The mess continues (c/o The National) in Detroit. (c/o the Detroit News)

Chris Bosh gets today's Vlade Divac's memorial flop. (c/o Deadspin)

It surely is interesting how drafting is an inexact science. (c/o Baseball America)

You're definitely in Canada when curling outdraws hockey. (c/o Canoe)

You're definitely in Florida if an infomercial outdraws hockey. (c/o Miami Herald)

Pacers got Frye'd. (c/o Valley of the Suns)

Some standouts in the Combine. (c/o Shutdown Corner) Also here. (c/o Sports Illustrated)

One last thing before the Youtube portion, I think Darren Rovell of CNBC said it best, imagine if Steve Bartman occured during the era of Twitter. The poor Louisville cheerleader got it bad on the interwebs.

And I say, adios! With a Smile.

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