Monday, February 21, 2011

Blog Outsourcing - 2/21 edition

Welcome to today's edition of The Victory Formation.

The previous weekend has been dubbed as the welcome to the Blake Griffin Experience. He played in the Rookie-Sophomore Game, with his team winning and John Wall being named as the MVP. We all know the Dunk Contest. And of course, he is the first rookie after Tim Duncan to be selected by the reserves. Naturally, being a first-timer, he got limited minutes.

So, let me use this to give my own personal viewpoint and assessment of the past few days:

Rookie-Sophomore Game: Dejuan Blair does not need ACLs to fly. Budenholzer has a sense of humor like Pop.

Celebrity Game: Apparently, fans did not allow someone to screw over Justin Bieber again, even if it was in a losing cause.

Shooting Stars: The mantra of "Beat Kenny" was enough as Team Atlanta eases out the champs as the Texans could not make any of their midcourt tries.

Skills Challenge: Stephen Curry wins it. He's wicked quick. Terribly disappointed though with Derrick Rose coasting during his run.

Three-Point Shootout: Finally, Miami beats Boston, as James Jones (also known as Reggie Miller's apprentice) beat out both Jesus Shuttlesworth and the self-proclaimed best shooter in the world.

Dunk Contest: Best field to compete in years. The creativity was awesome. I personally want all four of them back in Orlando for a rematch. Kenny Smith is a preacher man.

The Game itself: Hey, Kobe was on a Wilt-like scoring record pace, but Kevin Durant scored probably the quietest 34 pts in an All-Star game. In the end, Kobe ties Bob Petit with his 4th All-Star Game MVP. Lebron secures the 2nd triple-double in the Game's history.

Sidelights: Loved the musical intros. Kudos to TNT for stuff like these:

Hereforth are the links:

It's not a good idea to stir debate on a topic like this when you yourself admit that you lack certain aspects. (c/o National Football Post via Yahoo)

Regrets, yes, I have had a few - David Stern. (c/o Seattle Post-Intelligencer)

Jim Gray gets himself involved again. (c/o USA Today)

The 70s represented the psychedelic era. Obviously, with the fashion tastes, must be prevalent. (c/o Sports Illustrated)

In order to keep this guy (c/o Colts Chronicle), Indianapolis has to release this guy. (c/o Indianapolis Star)

Basketball Hall of Fame Finalists named (c/o International Business Times). Don't worry, Reggie. You'll get in eventually. (c/o Dime Magazine)

Why the Knicks should or should not go for Carmelo? (c/o Hoopsworld)

Los Angeles Kings of Anaheim? (c/ o Los Angeles Times)

Need a bat? Well, whilst pitchers and catchers report? In India, it is in full swing. (c/o Cricket World)

Remember the Vancouver Grizzlies? (c/o Vancouver Sun)

This bobblehead surely will reopen old scar tissue from the early 90s. (c/o Atlanta Journal-Constitution)

One more year of Don Cherry. (c/o CBC)

Gary Bettman wants a new arena for Edmonton. (c/o Toronto Sun)

Heritage Classic was a success for the Flames. (c/o Calgary Herald)

The Motherland caught between football and basketball. Can't they all get along? Or maybe a reality check. (c/0 Fire Quinito)

The Filipino Flash can knock you silly. (c/o Fire Quinito)

Stu Holden > Clint Dempsey in the FA Cup. (c/o The Sun)

Trevor Bayne won the Daytona 500. Trevor who? (c/o Washington Post)

NASCAR must know something is afoot with its Daytona scheduling. (c/o Fox News)

General Greivis gets his jersey retired. (c/o San Francisco Chronicle)

Who's #1 now? Both the Longhorns (c/o SB Nation Kansas City) and the Buckeyes got beat (c/o Fort Wayne Journal Gazette). The Blue Devils escape the axe, however.

You're a New York City, boy... Where St. John's Basketball is rockin' (c/o Sportsrageous)

Wilson Holloway, RIP.

The music is great during the weekend. This was my personal fave, because I believe in the lyrical genius of Kanye West.

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