Saturday, February 5, 2011

Lebron being Efficient and Consistent

Okay, I know some people grow sick and tired of talking about the Heat, because they really do make an interesting storyline for the whole year. However, after what most saw during the game (it was shown on BTV), and from reading the tweet streams and tweet conversations after the game(s), color the world impressed with the Stud-worthy statline.

What the King pulled off against the Magic was definitely an impressive feat in itself. He started off like a house on fire, making his first 11 attempts.

Then, with Wade getting beaten up and Bosh not really being a factor, Lebron just went on and on.

I still think Derrick Rose is the front runner for the MVP, but Lebron is really making a creditable chase for it even with he and Dwayne Wade putting up pretty much the same numbers as what they had last year.

(c/o CBS Sports)

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