Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Blog Outsourcing - 2/7 non-Super Bowl edition

Hey, I was in the minority with regards to the Black Eyed Peas performance. Not necessarily because I like the group (feel free to lambaste me for such), but mainly due to the fact that the sound technicians botched this one, like pretty much how this year has been for Jerry Jones and Jerryworld. What we all can agree on is to how the hell Alex Rodriguez tried to steal the show again for a brief moment?

As I promised, here forth are the non-Super Bowl related links:

Kevin Love is Yao's injury replacement, (c/o ProBasketballTalk) which leaves LaMarcus Aldridge out. (c/o The Oregonian)

Gilbert Arenas got served in Orlando. (c/o Afro-American)

Here's the latest on Marquis Daniels. (c/o The Patriot Ledger)

Pacers on a roll. (c/o The Indianapolis Star)

Amar'e sizzles (c/o The Epoch Times), but not as much as the latest Melo rumor. (c/o HoopsWorld)

The 411 on the Madoff-Mets mess. This could possibly be the reason why Alderson left MLB for the Mets. He could Bud's eyes on the team. (c/o The Wall Street Journal)

Vlad joins the O's. (c/o The Baltimore Sun)

Vandalized Caray Statue! (c/o The Chicago Tribune)

Larry says: I want this guy, or this guy. Definitely not this guy. Not this one, either. (c/o Real GM)

Feels odd that this New Jersey band wants to get involved down south. They're halfway there.... Living on a Prayer. (c/o Football News Now)

Jeff Fisher thanks Titans fans. (c/o Music City Miracles)

Bo owns Izzo. (c/o MLive)

And a Marshall shall lead them back. (c/o Daily Tar Heel)

Ohio State keeps chugging along. (c/o Columbus Dispatch)

I was enthralled by the chants from there. (Rivals)

Liverpool beats Chelsea, who had signed the Reds striker Fernando Torres before the end of the deadline. (c/o Goal)

16 straight wins for FC Barcelona, a La Liga record (c/o San Antonio Express).

Nothing like celebrating your birthday in style, Cristiano. (c/o Caught Offside)

If you made it to MTV Cribs, you've made it (c/o Underdog Boxing).

Formula 1 fans will miss Robert Kubica this upcoming season. (c/o Autoblog UK)

Peter Forsberg out-Favre-ing Brett Favre. (c/o Sportsnet)

This has been my LSS for the week. And by the way, Kylie Minogue is 42.

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