Thursday, August 27, 2009

Blog Outsourcing 2

This was i think the post that sealed the deal.

Technically, I will just share what I was going to write about last week.

Two weekends ago, I tried out surfing for the first time. I, along with some friends, took a five-six hour bus ride up north to take advantage of the waves along the South China Sea. The experience was great, although I had a hard time trying to successfully ride the waves (must be my weight). But it was wonderful. Pictures are already posted here.

This is me being taught:

Off we go to the links we all come to love:

More Lou Holtz predictions???

What Michael Vick can do

If Derrick Rose gets into trouble, Michael Beasley wants to outdo him.

It's just preseason. Surely looks like midseason for someone?

Anything Cavs-related that might boggle you? He might have answered it for you.

More legalese from the domain of Chris Petersen.

So, the cure for heroin is heroin?

The South provided much chatter in a certain post, but how about the North?

Chad Ochocinco or Braylon Edwards: Figure this out

Floyd Mayweather ice skating?

This pretty much encapsulates life and college football. As a relative outsider in this, It is so fun. LOL...

People really like bald guys on TV.

Guy will need to wear a cup when he gets back.

Favre and voodoo.

Eli started it. The next domino fell. Who's next?

The week in English football.

Unlike someone, he is not coming back. (At least for this year)

Coming soon to a movie near you. (JP Note: we have been doing that for most fights featuring top Filipino boxers.)

Best pool player ever.

Dear Pac-Man: do no do this. Gatti and McNair paid the price already.

Finally, my own college basketball update: check here for the current status of my alma mater. Narratives of our last game can be located here .

Now for your parting shots:

This is was supposed to be on the last blog outsourcing. A simple glimpse of Ateneo-La Salle:

And because I love Leighton Meester....

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