Monday, August 31, 2009

Blog Outsourcing 8/31

I am pleased to report that I am going to be the newest staffer of Sparty and Friends. Expect only good things from me every Monday and on any day that might have interesting news about what is going on in our realm.

You can read me @ and follow me in twitter @misterjpmanahan.

There is an underrated and underreported event that is going on in Milan, Italy. My friend will be going there to cover the Homeless World Cup 2009. Their objective is noble and pure and they are really doing justice to the world, making it a better place.

Speaking of doing justice in the world, it is National Heroes' Day here in the Philippines, where we honor those who represent our country. The Big Lead wrote about a sportsman who is following the route Pat Tillman made. (I hope he can come home safe and sound.)

Now here are the links you have been looking forward to:

Life as LA's QB. Matt Leinart's true successor?

Ron Artest has a twitter addiction / obsession.

The futbol update in England simplified into numbers.

Lamar Odom was their role model. Unfortunately, it did not leave to a desired result.

Are you one of them?

Twitter and boxing mix. Here's how.

The Playmaker is back.

The NFC East is on the CBH docket.

Never realized that the classic Lebron game 5 had a predecessor.

Have some Hawaiian Punch.

Could they be on the clock at the end of 2009?

What were you thinking when he said this?

Not a good day for a Patriot QB. Like this and this

Speaking of Patriots, is it over?

Because people want more Ana

Flushing Meadows is about be abuzz and more abuzz.

Deja vu, Tiger?

And because my alma mater won twice this past week, here are the game updates from Thursday and Yesterday. I can happily report our current standings.

To end, here are some clips to end the day:

I was watching this in this venue.

The Sports Guy says this clip was spine-chilling.

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