Monday, August 24, 2009

Pasintabis galore

Favre is back. Back again. Vikings are in relevancy. Circle November 1. Favre in Green Bay.

The Hunt for October rages on. Yankees, Red Sox and Rays in the AL East. Tigers, White Sox and Twins in the AL Central. Angels and Rangers in the AL West. AL Wildcard in the chase as well. How about the NL? Phillies, Braves and Marlins in the East. Cardinals and Cubs in the Central. Dodgers, Rockies and Giants in the West. Same thing with the Wildcard. By the way, Yankees took two of three from the Sawx at Fenway.

Preseason is on for the NFL. Meaning football is on. I will be planning on a football preview before the games are played. The collegiate equivalent is 2 weeks away. Might also do that as well.

NBA is too far off, but again, i promise a specific nba preview for it. just wait. it is still too damn early.

Bolt is fast. He posts two world records, both smashed by .11, which is so mind-blowing. Imagine if he can catch passes.

Soccerheads rejoice as various football leagues have started.

Let's enjoy sports as it comes.

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