Friday, August 14, 2009

Vick in the Linc

The player once dubbed as the most exciting player in football has a new team. Minutes after the preseason tip-off between the Steelers and Cardinals (a repeat of the Super Bowl), Chris Mortensen reports that the Philadelphia Eagles signed Michael Vick with a two-year deal. According to the guidelines set by NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell, Vick will be allowed to practice, but not play in the first 2 preseason games and the first 6 weeks of the season. (That can change on appeal).

Considering how injury prone they have been, this is a fresh signing. The system is famillar as an aspect of the West Coast was applied in Atlanta. With his mad skills, they can be creative with the offense. The Wildcat is in vogue, and with the skill set he has, why not? Imagine the possibilities. Think Seneca Wallace in Seattle or Tim Tebow with Chris Leak. I understand the predicament of Donovan McNabb, but considering the guy missed two years due to jail time, he will not pose as a threat unless he goes down.

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