Monday, August 17, 2009

Blog Outsourcing (that did not push through)

If things went right, this should have been posted, but since something happened, i'll just post it here.

Happy Monday! It's already past the halfway point of August, to which it gets closer and closer to more football and in my case, the NBA. Apparently, I got the chance to do another TMA post. I again aim to not disappoint the regular readers and fellow commenters.

I actually did something productive during the weekend. I tried out surfing for the first time. I, along with some friends, took a five-six hour bus ride up north to take advantage of the waves along the South China Sea. The experience was great, although I had a hard time trying to successfully ride the waves (must be my weight). But it was wonderful. I will post the pictures once they are ready.

Time to show link love, then:

A Korean won another golf tournament. Just not the LPGA tour, though.

This guy really lives up to his surname.

Look who went the modern Woodstock?

Beer-thowing is not just an American phenomenon.

Catfights in MMA

More beanball

The ticking clock featured the dirty bird. Was it good PR? Someone said yes.

A coach who thinks he is Jack Bauer.

This kid is really lucky.

Another one of my homeboys wins another boxing trinket. Speaking of boxing, Roy Jones is still alive.

There are non-plays that are worth noticing, too.

Futbol alert: Someone wrote in his thoughts on week 1 of the Premier League. Also the week that was in numbers.

Manny Pacquiao is a peacemaker.

I encourage you to join this game on ESPN. This is the only game I can play at work. This is one interesting group.

today features 1 tennis match, a futbol match, 5 baseball games, a Little League showdown, and the MN(P)F game featuring sparty's boys against the panthers.

Just because: yesterday also saw my alma mater beat my arch-rival again. This time a win much more palatable. Read up here and here. Here is scathing remark from the point of view of the other side.

Lastly, some parting videos.

A simple glimpse of Ateneo-La Salle:

And another music clip: when Lady Gaga was here in Manila:

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