Sunday, August 2, 2009

Pasintabis to start the month

1. Congrats to Rickey Henderson and Jim Rice on entering the Hall of Fame. They deserve it and Rickey is the Man!

2. Michael Vick is a free man and a free agent. Lots of teams want to, but fear the PR hit. The copycat league has to have someone of his skills.

3. The Jones Cup experience was disappointing. Add to that the ridiculous fight in the so-called scrimmage. Wow. Oh well... God, I hope things fall right in China. And it is already this week.

4. Congrats on the Draftees. I will see if i can break down the results as it happened.

5. MLB Trade Deadline (which does not involve waivers) came and went, with a Cy Young winner moving. However, that winner was not named Roy Halladay. The Pirates move another veteran for more prospects.

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