Monday, August 24, 2009

UAAP Final Four chase after 10 games

Here are the standings after 10 games

AdMU: 9-1
FEU: 8-2
UE: 6-4
UST: 5-5
DLSU: 4-6
AdU: 3-7
UP: 3-7
NU: 2-8

Remaining Schedule:

AdMU: NU (8/27), AdU(8/30) UP (9/6), FEU (9/12)
FEU: AdU (8/27), UP (8/29), DLSU (9/5) AdMU (9/12)
UE: DLSU (8/29), UP (9/3), NU (9/5), UST (9/10)
UST: NU (8/30), DLSU (9/3) AdU (9/6), UE (9/10)
DLSU: UE (8/29), UST (9/3), FEU (9/5), NU (9/10)
AdU: FEU (8/27), AdMU (8/30), UST (9/6), UP (9/12)
UP: FEU (8/29), UE (9/3), AdMU(9/6), AdU (9/12)
NU: AdMU (8/27), UST (8/30), UE (9/5), DLSU (9/10)

Ateneo has sealed a Final Four berth. Schedule looks good to seal twice to beat. Barring anything, will finish with top seed.
UE has an outside chance of getting 2nd seed, but with 6 wins, has one foot in the Final Four.
UST also has an outside chance, but they have a slimmer chance. They have a bigger chance of sealing a final four spot than nabbing second.
Adamson and UP will have tough sledding as they will face both Ateneo and FEU.

Ateneo goes 13-1. FEU seals 2nd spot and face off against UE (which might be a good thing based on recent tradition)

The final team to make the playoffs will have a 7-7 record.

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